Resident Move-In at Coldbrook Station “A Breeze”

If you’re part of a leasing team, you know how busy you can become assisting residents with their moves. On top of day-to-day duties, answering residents’ moving-related questions and focusing on customer service throughout move-in is simply part of the role. So, we caught up with Kristine Bunting, Community Manager at The Columns at Coldbrook Station, a Port Wentworth, Georgia-based property. Kristine explained how Updater not only helps make the move-in process easier for her residents, but her leasing team as well.

How has offering Updater affected your resident happiness/loyalty?

Our residents tell us that Updater has made their transition to a new home a breeze! The residents are more informed about every step in the transition process, which has resulted in less confusion and more satisfaction.

How has Updater has helped your company/made the lives of your team members easier?

We feel like the questions we were getting before are no longer raised. Questions about change of address and utility connections have all been handled by Updater, which frees up the time for the leasing team to concentrate on customer service and leasing!

Updater has proved to work like an online relocation service for our residents. We get fewer calls, fewer questions, and overall, experience way less confusion. In addition, because residents are able to set up their Resident Portal ahead of time, it saves the new resident and us a ton of time on move-in day!

How would you describe your overall experience working with Updater?

Our Success Manager, Landis, has always been eager to help and pleasant to work with. Plus, she has tons of great ideas and suggestions on how Updater can help make our jobs at the Leasing Office so much easier.

Any parting thoughts? 🙂

This has been a really great experience for us, and I don’t mind letting everyone else know about how great Updater is!

Allison Keane
Allison Keane

Meet former Client Onboarding Coordinator, Allison Keane. Allison started with Updater as a Marketing Events Intern. She loves iced coffee, a good Netflix binge and eating her way around the world (aka traveling).

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I can imagine that it must really be life-changing to have someone help to take care of all of your stuff in storage and plan your moving schedule. I know that a lot of people in Geelong would appreciate such a solution when they are thinking of moving in and out of the neighbourhood here! I'll be definitely recommending Updater to my friends!

It can really be quite a hassle to take care of things when you're undergoing a move and I suppose having a system in place to help take care of all the administrative and paperwork of mail and communications can really take a big load off the shoulders! I know a lot of people won't hesitate to find out more about such a plan that could help them that much!