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Electric & Gas Case Study

Anonymized for confidentiality, the Utility featured in this case study is one of the largest electric power companies in the United States, providing electricity to more than 5 million customers across multiple states. One of the Utility's core customer segments was movers, who phone in to start or transfer their residential utility service.

3% Increase in additional home services purchase
42% Decrease in post-sale escalations & complaints
5% Increase in CSAT score
Results according to Utility's own internal data from 2018-2019
I'm really proud of what we've been able to do for Utility – our program has allowed Utility's deregulated arm to go deeper with customers and drive more transactions that matter. We generated revenue lift across the board while raising CSAT by 5%.

Before Updater

The Utility always strived to offer more than electricity to its customers. In an effort to provide more value-add services to their mover customer base, the Utility partnered with a moving concierge provider to meet this need. The partnership didn’t quite move the needle on CSAT scores, or on selling the Utility’s deregulated products. Therefore, the Utility sought an alternative provider to improve satisfaction for their customers and increase revenue.

How Did Updater Help?

In 2014, the Utility partnered with Updater to launch an integrated, multi-channel concierge solution delivered via phone and digital.

At Updater, we understand movers. We also understand how movers behave during their move journey. Relevant products and services need to be purchased at extremely specific points in the moving journey. That precise knowledge of timing applied to the unique needs of each individual mover is key to engaging movers and encouraging them to transact.

Today, when customers call the Utility to start or transfer their residential utility service, customers are transferred to Updater, where they are offered complementary home services such as TV, internet, phone, and home security packages. Updater also offers the Utility’s own suite of products and services, including heating and cooling repair services, surge protection plans, water heater repair, and home wiring.

With Updater’s digital experience, call center expertise, and customer engagement techniques, the Utility launched a better experience for customers and simultaneously added revenue to the bottom line.

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