How does CenturyLink compare to Suddenlink internet?

Considering CenturyLink or Suddenlink as your internet service provider (ISP)? Both CenturyLink and Suddenlink offer options for gamers, remote workers, and smart-home owners. CenturyLink has digital subscriber line (DSL) plans in 36 states, with fiber offered in limited areas. While Suddenlink has a smaller 19-state footprint, it delivers cable internet with fiber options available to many customers.

We’ve done the research to help you compare these two ISPs and help you select the best fit for you.

Who CenturyLink and Suddenlink internet are for

Do you have relatively simple internet needs? If so, a lower-cost plan can be ideal. Small families, college students, or individual users that like TV streaming, web surfing, and checking social media don’t need the fastest internet on the market. The most affordable CenturyLink 100Mbps DSL plan starts at $50/month, with Suddenlink’s lowest-speed 300Mbps plan offering an initial cost of $44.99/month for 300Mbps.

If you’re a smart-home owner, remote worker, or a competitive gamer, faster internet speed is a must. With a higher-tier plan, you can connect up to 10+ devices, send large files, attend Zoom meetings, or play games without lag. Both ISPs offer fiber plans with speeds at or near 1000Mbps, with CenturyLink charging $65/month and Suddenlink charging $84.99/month.*

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Key considerations

Monthly service fees matter, but you also need to be aware of any additional fees. Here are some potential extra costs you may need to consider:

Installation fees

The Suddenlink installation fee ranges from $99 to $149. CenturyLink charges a $99 fee for a professional installation and offers free installation for its fiber plan. Also, with CenturyLink you can opt for self-installation for a one-time $15 fee. CenturyLink doesn’t charge a self-installation fee to customers in Minnesota, Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Arizona, Pennsylvania, or Florida.

Modem fees

Suddenlink has a $10/month equipment fee, but you have the option to use your own modem to avoid this extra cost. At $15/month, CenturyLink modem fees are slightly higher, but you get a free modem with its Gig plan. You can also buy a modem from CenturyLink for $150 to $200 to avoid paying a monthly fee.

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What others say about CenturyLink and Suddenlink internet

CenturyLink reviews

According to the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ASCI), CenturyLink earned a customer satisfaction score of 62 out of 100 and a WiFi quality score of 67 out of 100. CenturyLink also ranked #1 on the U.S. News & World Report list of Best DSL Internet Providers.

Suddenlink reviews

CNET reports that Suddenlink’s introductory prices for fiber are tough to beat. What’s more, fiber is available to more than 80% of the ISP’s reach, with Suddenlink consistently looking for ways to provide faster service to more customers.

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How do CenturyLink and Suddenlink internet packages compare?

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