How does Suddenlink compare to AT&T internet?

One of the challenges of moving is the chore of finding a new internet service provider (ISP). If you reside within the coverage area of both Suddenlink and AT&T, you may have some questions about how both ISPs stand up side by side.

Fortunately in this article, we compare Suddenlink vs AT&T internet to help make your life a little easier.

Who Suddenlink and AT&T internet are for

When you compare AT&T vs Suddenlink internet, the former offers faster plans while the latter is widely available across 17 states in the Midwestern, Southern, and Western United States.

AT&T delivers two kinds of services: DSL and fiber internet. If available in your area, AT&T Fiber’s fiber-optic internet may serve you well. AT&T Fiber provides upload speeds that are 25 times faster than regular cable internet and offers more bandwidth. What makes AT&T ideal for users, specifically gamers, is its consistently fast speeds, even at peak hours.

Suddenlink’s cable internet serves as a solid option for gaming, telecommuting, and medium to large scale households with speeds running up to 940Mbps with its Internet 1 Gig plan. You can also enjoy unlimited internet (no data caps) across every Suddenlink plan.

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Comparison of internet services

  • AT&T’s DSL plans range from Internet 10 to Internet 100 with the numbers in their titles corresponding to the number of megabits per second you’ll receive in terms of internet speed.
  • The AT&T DSL packages start at $55/month. If you’re not a big gamer or interested in a smart home, these plans may be more suitable for you than paying more for the same speeds with Suddenlink.
  • Suddenlink offers three plans ranging from 300Mbps to 940Mbps when it comes to download speeds.
  • After 12 months with Suddenlink your monthly rate will increase. As an example of what you might expect, Suddenlink Internet 300 begins at $49.99/month for your first 12 months but changes to $119/month after that.

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What others say about Suddenlink and AT&T internet

AT&T reviews

  • The Better Business Bureau (BBB) graded AT&T with an A+ rating, ranked for the entire organization’s interactions with its customer base.
  • The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) lists AT&T Internet in first place alongside Verizon Fios for customer satisfaction. AT&T continues to rise in customer approval as it did in previous years.

Suddenlink reviews

  • The BBB graded Suddenlink an F regarding its interactions with its customers and sits at the bottom end of internet service providers.
  • The ACSI mirrors the BBB in their Telecommunications 2020-2021 report by noting how Suddenlink’s customer service score fell by 4% to 55 out of 100 and into last place among ISPs.

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How do Suddenlink and AT&T internet packages compare?

The availability of Suddenlink and AT&T internet varies by region and zip code, as well as their specific plans. The chart below displays the most current information as of 2022. However, please note that the rates below don’t reflect additional fees or price increases after 12 months.*

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*Pricing varies by location and availability. Speeds may vary. All prices subject to change; for current pricing and availability visit our internet service page. Prices as of 1/26/22.

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