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1 in 4 Americans use Updater to move

Updater Saves You Time and Money with Discounts

Are you spending countless hours searching for moving coupons to reduce the cost of your move? That ends now.

Anyone who has ever moved has learned that the process is not only stressful, but expensive too. Well, we think it’s time put some of that piggy… back into your bank. Through our moving app, we connect users with relevant moving deals, ensuring you don’t have to nickel-and-dime a critical, time-consuming process.

Moving discounts for Updater users

The average Updater user can save over $100 by taking advantage of exclusive promo codes and deals only available through our moving app. Simply put, we’ve worked out partnerships and curated the best moving discounts to apply before, during, and after your move.

Sure, you can subscribe to about a hundred different discount sites with daily emails, but let’s be honest — most of those deals aren’t any better than what you would find on any standard one-size-fits-all discount site. Plus, they’re often tied to companies you’re not sure you can trust. Our trusted moving professional (with decades of experience) have done the scouting for you. Don’t go crazy searching for moving coupons when we provide them for you right in our app — all in one place.

Our pre-moving discounts include savings on:

  • Moving truck rentals

  • Used cardboard boxes

  • Self-service storage

  • Professional cleaning services

  • … and more!

Additional moving discounts (like deals on unpacking services) can help you save money, time, and energy. We can even help you hire a trusted moving helper or DIY moving truck for moving day. Updater’s moving app is your one-stop shop for everything moving-related — even big savings during an expensive time.

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