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What’s the Best Fiber TV Provider?

Fiber optic cable revolutionized internet speeds, enabling large volumes of data to be transmitted as fast as light. The impressive speed and bandwidth it delivers makes fiber service a great option for your TV. Fiber TV can deliver everything from seeing your favorite shows in a higher-definition picture to enjoying more channels and better sound.

Currently, the only fiber TV provider is Verizon Fios. We’ve researched their services and created this review to provide everything you need to know in order to determine if Verizon Fios’ fiber TV service is the right option for you.

The big players

Although other companies, such as Google Fiber, previously offered fiber TV those companies have moved out of the TV market. Today, only Verizon Fios offers fiber-optic TV packages that go beyond basic cable. While its service footprint is limited, Verizon Fios TV is a high-quality option for those who have access to it.

Verizon Fios’ services are primarily available along the east coast, in metro areas of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York, and New Jersey. Set up as a customizable TV plan, this fiber TV service provides streaming options, premium packages, the option to add a DVR with a voice remote, and 4K streaming capabilities. The current Verizon Fios TV plans include:

  • Your Fios TV – 125+ channels for $65/month
  • More Fios TV – 300+ channels with basic DVR for $85/month
  • The Most Fios TV – 425+ channels with multi-room DVR for $105/month

Verizon also offers the Fios TV Test Drive plan, which allows you to try out its top-tier package with 425+ channels for 2 months for $65/month. Once the trial is over, Verizon recommends the best plan for you based on the types of channels and content you watched the most.

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Key considerations

Fiber TV pricing

When it comes to fiber TV pricing, it’s best to look at how prices compare to other streaming options. For instance, at $65/month, the basic Verizon fiber TV plan is comparable to other streaming options like YouTube TV, Sling TV, or even something like a Roku with apps like Hulu and Netflix. When it comes to TV pricing, it can also be helpful to compare the number of channels available through a fiber TV plan to what’s being offered by cable TV providers in your area.

Packages available

Verizon Fios offers three primary packages and a trial TV plan, which makes it easy to find a service plan to suit your budget and needs. When looking at packages, it’s a good idea to take a look at what channels are available for each plan and price, such as sports channels, premium channels, etc.

Extras included

Does the fiber TV service provider include extras with its packages? For example, with Verizon Fios TV, you get a multi-room DVR with The Most TV package, as well as plan perks like a $200 Verizon gift card with a new service contract. Before signing up for service, it is always a good idea to find out whether set-top boxes will be included with a package or if this will be an additional cost.

Bundling options 

Depending on the service provider, bundling options may be available. For instance, with Verizon Fios you can bundle Sling TV with Fios TV for an extra $35/month.

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What others are saying

Often, getting a look at what others have to say gives you good insight into the best fiber TV providers. While opinions can and do vary, the current fiber TV options through Verizon Fios earn positive reviews from those in the technology industry.

For example, one CNET reviewer praised Verizon’s Mix & Match offering, which lets subscribers choose the services they want, including TV, internet, and phone service. This approach, “moves us a little closer to an a la carte TV future, when we might choose channels one by one. But Verizon’s offering still is more a set of package deals.”

Another reviewer from PC World noted that “Verizon Fios is not only renowned for their internet speed over the past ten years, but they also provide top-quality customer service by advertising hundreds of channels to choose from – 225,000 On Demand titles, along with self-installation options, and no annual contract.”

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Fiber TV provider FAQs

How does fiber TV compare to cable TV?

Fiber TV is not widely available, whereas cable TV is a more accessible option across the US. Despite differences in availability, pricing for cable TV and fiber TV is comparable. For example, Xfinity offers 125+ channels for $60/month, while the same number of channels from Verizon Fios TV costs $65/month. Also, fiber optic TV generally offers more channel options and may offer better picture quality than standard cable TV.

Do you need special cables for fiber TV?

No. If you have access to fiber TV in your area, the provider ensures the signal is delivered to your home during installation. Usually, TVs only have to be connected via a standard coaxial cable that connects to the fiber cable outside.

Do you have to buy fiber internet to get fiber TV?

No. If fiber cables are present in your area, you do not have to pay for fiber internet in order to take advantage of a fiber TV plan. For example, through Verizon Fios, customers have the option of TV or internet only packages, but the two can also be bundled together. One important note is that it may be preferable to bundle fiber internet with fiber TV, especially if you intend to use streaming services on multiple TVs in your home.

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*Pricing varies by location and availability. Speeds may vary. All prices subject to change; for current pricing and availability visit our TV service page. Prices as of 3/3/22.

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