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1 in 4 Americans use Updater to move

We’re hiring – join our team at our brand new office

What’s sexy, red and has free snacks?

The new Updater office, of course! It’s only been 6 months since we launched our B2B solutions, and we’re excited to announce the opening of our second office!

Our sales and marketing teams will call this office home. In fact, in just under a week, they’ve already dubbed it the PMM Lounge. We’d tell you what that means, but we’d have to kill you – just kidding.

So, what exactly are we doing, selling and marketing in this office? We thought you’d never ask.

Ya know how Updater is a great tool that saves you a ton of time when you move? Well, we offer branded and personalized versions of our technology to real estate brokerages, real estate agents, moving companies, property managers and more. Anyone who wants to help their clients move. For example, a real estate agent could create an Updater account, upload his/her headshot and branding, and voila!, an Updater site is born – a place where the agent’s clients go to save time, money and headaches during a move. It’s a truly elegant SAAS solution for relocation. Pretty neat, right?  

We have this gorgeous new office and we have an incredibly useful product, we simply need to fill the empty desks! If you’re looking for a new opportunity and you’re ambitious, bright, and hardworking… you’re perfect. We offer the standard benefits you’d expect, plus extra perks like free snacks, Tall Boy Fridays, group outings, plenty of Updater swag, and lots (and lots!) of laughter.

Our new space:

Not too shabby for moving day!

New pom pom flowers

We wear a lot of hats…

Our dogs even have great ideas

Jenna Weinerman
Jenna Weinerman

Jenna is Updater’s Head of Marketing and a published ReloTech expert. She’s an endless seeker of knowledge, a lover of craft brews, and a huge Philadelphia sports fan. Follow her on Twitter here.

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