Meet our call center

We offer a high-volume, on-demand home services call center operation designed to increase customer value for your business.

Our track record

A fine-tuned script helps us identify interested callers so that we can best drive CSAT and revenue. Our goal is to maximize each and every valuable engagement opportunity.

Transfer rate


of partners’ eligible calls

Average hold time

< 30 sec

Transfer average speed of answer rate

< 30 sec

80% of calls answered within 30 seconds

Average talk time

12.5 min

Abandon call rate

< 5%

Escalation rate

< 0.01%

of calls answered

Our global operations


agents, 4 locations, 24/7 operations, with efficient capacity to scale up at all locations
Call Center Map

Our reporting metrics

Productivity reports

  •  Service level
  •  Abandonment rate
  •  Average speed of answer
  •  Order conversion rate
  •  Calls forecasted

Telephony reports

  •  Calls forecasted
  •  Calls offered
  •  Calls answered
  •  Abandoned calls
  •  Service level
  •  Average speed of answer
  •  Talk time
  •  Conversion
  •  Product penetration
  •  Install rates

Quality reports

  • Contact essentials: greeting, recap, verification, close
  • Customer impact: courtesy, used consumer name, hold procedure, professionalism
  • Business impact: use of tools, up-selling, documentation
  • Soft skills: conversational skills, attentiveness, contact handles with patience
  • Contact control skills: efficiently used time, explained product, processes, set accurate customer expectations, used appropriate terminology

CSAT reports

Quality of transfer reports

Net promoter on agent experience reports

Product sales reports

Training & incentives

Unified skill concept for advanced analytics

We use a unified skill concept across our call centers, which allows us to use advanced performance analytics to skill-base rank all of our agents and route the call to the highest performing agent available at that moment – no matter which location.

In-depth understanding of customer journey

Part of our normal training process is not only understanding the sales process on our company side, but also understanding who the customer is and the journey they’ve taken to get to this point where they reached our call center. If a customer originates digitally, then reaches out to our call center, they may have a different experience than a customer who is transferred from a utility call center to our center. As part of our training, we help explain the “who/what/why” of the call and provide our agents with customer background to enhance the customer’s experience.

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