We're committed to making
every move in America
less painful and more efficient.


I knew there had to be a better way.

After my last move, I was frustrated. The amount of time I spent contacting the utility companies and updating my contacts was insane. I looked for a solution online. When I saw that none existed, I knew there was a huge opportunity to build something transformative from the ground up. — David Greenberg, Founder & CEO

Our ecosystem

Because moving is way more than a change of place

Places, things, and services

Every move involves moving out of one place and into another. And, there are things to purge, pack, purchase, and move. And, there are services to hire, cancel, transfer, update, notify, and subscribe to. It's complicated and tedious.


No single business can handle everything

Moving tasks ripple through many types of businesses—real estate agents help you find a new place, telecom companies set up your new internet, insurance companies protect your new home, furniture stores help you find new things, and so on.

Building an unprecedented ecosystem

That’s why we built a platform where all the businesses that are part of your move can work together to make your move seamless. Our products help millions of Americans each year easily engage with thousands of businesses. One-by-one outreach and napkin checklists are a thing of the past.

Founded in 2011, Updater has become the nation’s leader in relocation technology. We’re pioneers dedicated to building helpful products that people and businesses love. Today our tech helps to improve 50% of all household moves in the US.

Our divisions

Our three divisions help us connect movers to businesses and businesses to movers, creating a more smooth moving experience for all.

Provides technology to simplify and ease the process of moving for all Americans.

Offers moving companies a complete end-to-end solution to run an entire moving and storage business from the cloud. Visit website

Offers technology to enable smooth transfers of internet, cable, satellite, home security, and energy services.

$200 million in capital raised from leading investors

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