Utility setup, streamlined and simplified

No more manual searches or waiting on your real estate agent or landlord. Find all your assigned utility providers in our app.

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All your utilities in one place

Eliminate guesswork

Quickly and easily browse the electric, gas, and water providers that service your new home, whether you live in a regulated or choice state.

Start. Stop. Transfer.

Seamlessly start new service, cancel old service, or transfer existing service - all within our app.

Share proof of service

Share proof that your utilities are set up with your new landlord to get moving faster.

Utilities for renters

Know exactly which utility providers service your new apartment and start service with a couple of clicks. You can also share proof of setup with your leasing team, all within the app.

Utilities for homeowners

Effortlessly find all the utility providers that service your new home, sign up for service, and move on to more important tasks.

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