Consumers expect more from all brands (that means you, too, utilities!)

The utility industry is shifting rapidly, and consumers expect a seamless digital experience to manage their home.

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Future of utilities
We provide an integrated, multi-channel moving concierge —
built for utilities, designed for customers, and
trusted by marketers.

Leverage 6 flexible features

  • All Features
  • Call Center Features
  • Digital Features
Updater picks up
your mover calls
  • We pick up your calls,
  • Place service requests/orders, and
  • Sell agreed upon products & services
You transfer your
mover calls to Updater
  • You coordinate new service requests/orders
  • You transfer mover & switcher calls to Updater
  • Updater sells agreed upon products & services
Call Digital
Use our tech platform
in your call center
  • Your call center agents can place orders for TV, internet, security, and more directly into Updater's technology
  • All your call center needs is an internet connection
Build moving features into
your own digital experience
  • A complete API portfolio of moving-related features, products, and services
  • Plug moving products and services into your workflow
You offer our moving app
  • Offer a turnkey digital mover journey, branded for your company
  • Your customers organize and complete all moving-related tasks in one place
Enroll customers in your
service via Updater
  • Allow Updater to place utility orders on your behalf
  • Movers reach Updater 30+ days pre-move

Benefits to make all your stakeholders smile

1 Create, enhance, and scale

your concierge program, both digitally and over the phone.

2 Launch new sales channels

to grow your ancillary revenue and reach customers before and after they call you.

3 Integrate our moving app

as a critical upgrade and value-add for customers.

4 Enroll customers & prospects digitally

in the products and services that you care about most.

Our proven track record

Trusted by the industry leaders
3 of the top 5 utilities

by number of customers

All top 20

nationwide media companies

Powering businesses worldwide
World leader in internet subscriptions

We sell more broadband subscriptions than any other company in the world

50,000+ call center agents

Our technology enables more than 50,000 call center agents worldwide

Utility Insights Whitepaper

The Utility's Guide to
Selecting a Moving Concierge

9 Questions to Get the Info You Need

Evaluate concierge service providers with Updater's recommended questions (and, of course, our answers to each).

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