How The Art of Real Estate Leverages Updater to Go Further for Clients

The Art of Real Estate (AoRE) is a full-service brokerage that prides itself on going the extra mile to make their clients feel cared for. Based out of South Carolina, AoRE focuses on their commitment to clients through outstanding customer service and an innovative approach to problem solving and technology. We spoke with Brad Allen, Broker-in-Charge and Managing Partner of AoRE, to learn more about their dedication to customer experience and how Updater fits seamlessly into their business.

What do you see as the biggest challenges new agents face in delivering an impressive client experience?

One of the biggest challenges for a new agent is lack of experience. New agents simply don’t have the knowledge that an agent with 15, 10, or even five years of experience has. It takes time to build confidence and knowledge of the market, specific areas, and the business process as a whole. Until they reach that point, new agents need to immerse themselves in the real estate market, take the lead in educating themselves, and seek out industry mentors.

Another challenge that new agents face is learning how to interact with different types of clients. Successful agents know how to communicate frequently and effectively without being overbearing. Agents walk a fine line as they must act as an educator, a navigator and a calm voice of reason all in one. This is especially true when working with first-time homebuyers.

What do you believe is the most important piece of advice or guidance you can provide a homebuyer?

That’s a great question. To begin with, I would advise them to do their research on specific neighborhoods based on criteria that are important to them. This includes everything from price, to the feel of the community, to school districts if applicable.
After they’ve done their research, I would tell them to trust their agent and let them be their guide through the process. It’s their profession, so let them do their job to help you! Finally, I would tell them to go with their gut, but at the same time, don’t bite off more than they can chew. If a house feels right, it probably is. But if it’s five bedrooms and you only need two, check back in with your gut.

In your opinion, what need is Updater filling or what problem is it solving for your clients?

Updater is relieving our clients’ stress of having everything transferred to their new address. Using Updater takes significantly less time than scouring the internet to find out what moving tasks need to be accomplished and how to accomplish them. Updater helps streamline the moving process for our clients and provides them with a seamless process for transferring their mail and utilities from their old home to their new. All in all, Updater helps our brokerage look extremely professional.

 What have been your clients’ responses to Updater?

Most feedback we receive is that our clients would use it again in a heartbeat. Several of our agents have used it for personal moves and have been able to tell clients how easy it is. It’s a one-stop shop for our clients. During the busy time of moving, it’s something they really appreciate. The feedback we have received has been nothing but positive!