CENTURY 21 New Millennium, Staying One Step Ahead of the Competition with Updater

Since joining the CENTURY 21 System in 1998, co-owners Todd Hetherington and Mary Lynn Stone have guided CENTURY 21 New Millennium to the pinnacle of real estate brokerage success. Having been recognized as the top CENTURY 21 firm in the world five times in the past decade, CENTURY 21 New Millennium has seen consistent growth over the years due to their staunch commitment to not only their clients but also their agents. We caught up with Kerri Mulvey, Business Development Manager at CENTURY 21 New Millennium, to chat about client experience, their commitment to agents, and how an unwavering mission has put them where they are today.

Can you tell us a little about what makes CENTURY 21 New Millennium unique?

The truth is that in most ways, we are not unique. Lots of other successful organizations came from humble beginnings when there was little more than a dare to dream and a willingness to work hard. Many company leaders will say that they owe much of their success to the loyalty and hard work of their employees. Some attribute their success to the ability to anticipate change and make adjustments when markets shifted or hard times came. We’re not unique in those ways. The thing that might make us unique, however, is that we started with a very simple mission statement many years ago and we’ve kept it in plain sight for all to see.

This mission statement, which is integral to our success, has stayed consistent from the very beginning. From before CENTURY 21 New Millennium was born, when there was only one small independent office with a handful of sales associates, our mission statement has stayed consistent.

Now we have 20 offices and approximately 850 sales associates. Although our sales have placed us at the very pinnacle of real estate franchises, our mission remains unchanged: to create an environment in which we all grow not only individually, but also as a team, while transforming the real estate industry by delivering the best services possible to our clients.

When it comes down to it, what makes us unique is our dedication to our mission statement, and through that, our dedication to our clients.

You have 900+ agents at CENTURY 21 New Millennium — tell us a little about your company culture. How does this set you apart from other brokerages in the area?

Over the years, we have grown an organization built on a foundation of caring, hard-working, and well-trained professionals, equipped with the latest tools and technology, all for the sole purpose of providing everything that our clients’ families need. This means everything from the beginning of the process to the end. That’s why we talk about being “vested” in an agent’s success. You will see that word a lot in our material, and you will see it demonstrated in the way we take care of business — from our agents to our clients.

You are celebrating 20 years of CENTURY 21 New Millennium – congrats! How do you maintain an exceptional client experience as you expand and grow?

At CENTURY 21 New Millennium it’s all about the service. Putting care into what we do is a huge focus at every level of our organization. With more than 900 agents and staff across 19 offices, we have a strong market presence and national recognition. But we never plan on taking the emphasis off of the client experience. That’s what got us here, and that’s what keeps us here.

Why do you believe technology integrations are important to the real estate industry?

For better or worse, technology has changed the way people conduct business. There is no doubt that real estate has benefited from improved efficiencies. Not only are paperless transactions the norm, but mobile-centric technology has transformed the real estate landscape. Access to information, customer expectations, and client service are very different than they were even five years ago. However, technology can sometimes be a double-edged sword. Reliance on technology can lead to problems in a business that is people oriented — losing touch with customers is always a real fear. Technology not only provides a new way to communicate but also facilitates real change in the way things are done. It would be hard to find a successful real estate agent today without a smartphone or tablet. The new mobile world is filled with apps and capabilities that are as impactful as the internet itself.

What made you initially decide to offer Updater to your clients?

To quote CENTURY 21 New Millennium President and co-owner Mary Lynn Stone, who was enthusiastic about how easy the moving process would be for clients using Updater: “Just think about how much time and energy this is going to save! It will be great for our clients to update their address and coordinate utilities and services without spending precious time on the phone. I’m thinking our buyers, sellers, and renters are going to love Updater.”

The great thing is that Mary Lynn’s prediction was true! Our clients have described Updater as an “outstanding timesaver.” We’ve also heard from our clients that Updater makes the moving process “much smoother.” When you onboard a new technology, this is the exact kind of response you hope for.

What value does Updater bring to your agents?

Our partnership with Updater helps our agents be a step ahead of the competition. Updater is a real value-add for winning a potential client’s business by helping them streamline their moving process. From forwarding mail to sending digital moving announcements, Updater is a true moving concierge. Providing Updater to our agents has also really elevated our level of commitment to them. We’re making the lives of our agents’ clients look good, and in turn, our agents look good.

What excites you most about the future of the real estate industry?

The same thing that excited us 20 years ago: helping families find their perfect home.