How CTL Management Leverages Updater for a Streamlined Move-In Experience

With over thirty years of experience in property management, CTL Management is no newcomer to leveraging and adopting technology in the multifamily space. With 42 properties on the West Coast — and impressive resident engagement with Updater — CTL is providing the most streamlined move-in experience possible. We caught up with Noah Holz, CTL’s Director of Revenue Management, to learn more about their experience with Updater and the value it’s providing to their residents.

What value does Updater bring to your residents?

Updater delivers a product that is easy to use and relevant to our future residents. We have consistently seen around 50% of new residents engage with the tool. To us, this is a strong indication that our residents value the services offered through Updater. We can all relate to the challenges of moving and I think our residents find value in a conveniently-packaged, well-designed solution to help simplify their moving process.

We all know that property management teams are busy. What was the implementation process like for your team?

The implementation was simple and required a minimal time commitment from our onsite teams. Our property managers completed a spreadsheet provided by Updater. Once this information was organized, we had a couple implementation calls to fine-tune our company’s setup. Then, Updater’s team handled the rest. The Updater invites are automated, so the product requires limited day-to-day oversight by our teams but still provides a valuable service to our new residents.

What would you say to property management teams that are interested in implementing Updater, but are concerned that it might burden their IT team or staff as a whole?

I served as our company’s point of contact to facilitate the Updater rollout and can testify that the implementation process was simple. Updater’s success team is extremely easy to work with and pleasant! Our rollout simply didn’t require a significant time commitment from any of our departments or teams.

How have your residents responded to Updater?

I’ll be honest, we don’t hear too many comments from our residents that have used Updater, but our results speak to the success. With a participation rate of around 50%, I think our residents have responded favorably to the service. We’re definitely not receiving any complaints about our move-in process!

What excites you about the future of the industry?

I’m excited to see how products and technology will continue to improve the prospect and resident experience in our communities. Technology allows us to provide the best experience possible to our residents, and that’s extremely exciting!