19 High-End Apartment Amenities Your Residents Will Love

Want to increase resident retention and satisfaction, while also making your property more appealing to prospective residents? Time to think about providing some high-end apartment amenities! These 19 high-end apartment amenities all have the potential to make your residents feel more at home. Read on for amenity inspiration!

High-End Apartment Amenities that Add Convenience

The goal of any amenity is to provide something useful to your residents. The high-end apartment amenities listed below all add plenty of convenience for residents, whether it be in the form of an in-building pet spa or a smart thermostat.

1. Pet-friendly amenities

There are so many different pet-friendly amenities for you to offer residents. When deciding on one, consider which is the most cost-effective and what will bring the most ROI for your property. For example, a big perk for dog owners would be a private in-building dog park. You could also consider offering a pet spa in your building, though this is definitely a more luxurious option. Either way, the pet owners living at your property will love having high-end pet amenities.

2. Property-wide high-speed Wi-Fi amenities

These days, high-speed Wi-Fi is a must. Make sure to give your residents a great connection throughout your common areas. They may need to download music in the gym, stream a movie in the lounge, or hop on a conference call in coworking spaces. This is one high-end apartment amenity that is definitely worth the investment!

3.  Exceptional coworking spaces

With more and more people moving away from a traditional office setting, coworking space can be extremely valuable to residents. Don’t stop at a few desks and a printer, though! If you really want to provide residents with an exceptional space, add perks like snacks, conference rooms, and an espresso bar. Make it a place where residents want to work!

4. Smart home features

Smart homes and apartments are the future, so jumping on the opportunity to offer smart perks now is a great way to implement a sustainable high-end apartment amenity and get ahead of the internet-of-things game. Updating current units or installing smart features in future units or properties is surprisingly simple and inexpensive. For example, smart thermostats are simple to install and bring big savings for residents, allowing them to adjust their heat and AC remotely. Plus, a property manager can easily turn the system off when residents move out. By also providing features like smart locks and light switches, you’ll offer an eco-friendly and unique high-end apartment amenity that your residents will love!

High-End Apartment Amenities that Keep Residents Active

Whether your residents are families or millennials who just want to stay in shape, most residents would love the chance to get active right in their apartment building. These high end apartment amenities provide the space for fitness that residents want, whether it be to swim some laps, teach their kids how to play basketball, or take a morning yoga class.

5. Comprehensive fitness amenities

Fifteen years ago, you could throw a treadmill and an elliptical into a small room and call that your resident fitness center. Today, however, healthy living is trendy, which means residents want more from their fitness centers. To meet their demands, consider hosting fitness classes, building a yoga studio, or adding other unique amenities. Your residents will thank you!

6. Lap pool and lounging pool

Having both of these high-end apartment amenities can be a big win for any property. On one hand, a lap pool is great for athletes or those who just want to stay in shape without hitting the treadmill. On the other hand, lounge pools are a valuable amenity for families and those who want to get a tan by the water without having to leave their building. You can choose a pool option that best meets your residents’ needs, or you can have both kinds of pools. It’s the perfect opportunity to set yourself apart from other properties!

7. Sporting facilities

A casual game of pick-up basketball or tennis is a great way for residents to build community. Whether they invite their friends over or plan a game with their neighbors, your residents will love having access to sports facilities such as tennis or basketball courts. Ultimately, this high-end apartment amenity is worth it because it brings multiple benefits — an outlet for fitness, community building, and competition all in one place!

High-End Apartment Amenities that Build Community

Many residents move into an apartment complex hoping to build community with their neighbors. These high-end apartment amenities provide the space to do just that, be it through a property-wide BBQ or a casual conversation over a game of Scrabble.

8. Green space

Green space is the perfect high-end amenity for city-dwelling residents. A beautifully landscaped and comfortable area with lots of green can help residents find peace after a busy day. Even if your property is in a less urban area, a green space is a perfect place for residents to host friends and breathe in some fresh air after spending the day indoors at work.

9. Rooftop deck

The rooftop deck is iconic when it comes to high-end apartment amenities and is a huge perk for residents. Not only does it have the potential for gorgeous views and can double as an amazing event space, but it is also a place residents will want to show off when friends come to visit. The rooftop can be home to a pool, lounge chairs, a fire pit, and plenty of comfortable seating. Get creative! Your residents will love anything that gives them a place to soak in the sunshine and get a great view of their city.

10. Outdoor kitchens and dining areas

If you want to take your green space or rooftop deck to the next level, add an outdoor kitchen, grilling area, and plenty of tables and chairs. These simple additions can make the space feel more welcoming and ready for a resident’s next birthday party or summer BBQ. Just make sure to design the space with flexibility in mind, so residents can utilize it for all different kinds of events.

11. Game room and lounge

Coworking spaces are great, but your residents will need somewhere to hang out when winter rolls around and the roof deck or outdoor space closes. Create a cozy area where residents can play pool and board games, or watch TV with friends. Be very intentional when you create this space. If it feels too stark or bright, residents won’t want to use the space! For this high-end apartment amenity, aim for a coffee shop vibe rather than a formal office feel.

12. Community garden

Want to give your residents the opportunity to build friendships, grow their own food, and save money on groceries? This high-end apartment amenity might be the perfect choice for your property! Connecting to nature by gardening can be incredibly beneficial for individuals, especially urban dwellers. Just make sure to plan a few educational days led by a gardening expert so that residents can learn how to get started.

Extra-Luxurious High-End Apartment Amenities

Want to really set your property apart from the rest? Consider majorly upgrading with one of these extra-luxurious high-end apartment amenities. Your residents will be beyond grateful!

13. Virtual golf simulator

A virtual golf simulator is about as high-end as high-end apartment amenities get. Regardless, if you think your prospective or currents residents will enjoy it, a virtual golf simulator can be a super fun and unique amenity to offer. Especially if there aren’t many golf courses in the area, residents may be willing to pay a high fee to access this luxury amenity. Gauge your resident profile and see if this amenity is worth the investment!

14. Private spa

A private spa is one of the most luxurious amenities there is. But what resident wouldn’t love to have one? This high-end apartment amenity could be home to private massage rooms, a heated pool, and a steam room. You can ask an already existing spa to open an exclusive location in your building or do it completely yourself. Either way, offering this amenity would probably be a dream come true for many residents!

15. In-building retailers and services

This is a high-end apartment amenity that can really set your property apart from the rest. Consider adding a Starbucks or other coffee shop on the ground floor of your building to perk up residents in the morning. Or try asking other retailers like a hair salon, juice bar, or Trader Joe’s to open exclusive locations in your building. If you really want your residents to feel like they’re living in luxury, this is a great option to consider.

Bonus High-End Apartment Amenities

Still looking for high-end apartment amenity inspiration? Check out these last few amenity ideas to find which amenity is the perfect fit your property and your residents!

16. Luxury in-unit features

You probably already know that younger renters are increasingly demanding luxurious in-unit features. These amenities include in-unit laundry, walk-in closets, and outdoor terraces. Get creative with the space you have and think of small additions that can easily increase the level of comfort for your residents, their convenience, and the property’s ultimate wow-factor. A unit that feels luxurious — from the bedroom to the bathroom to the kitchen — can be an attractive perk for residents. Whether it’s hardwood floors or new appliances, offering these luxury in-unit apartment amenities can be an important part of drawing in prospective residents.

17. Movie theater

A movie theater or screening room is a simple yet entertaining amenity to add to a property. It’s easier to create than one might think, and will be well-loved by residents. This space can be used for community-wide movie nights or reserved for individuals who want to host friends and family for a showing of their latest film creation. Just set up a projector and educate residents on how to use the room. Your residents will be incredibly excited about this high-end apartment amenity!

18. Eco-friendly amenities

Make being eco-friendly easy, and your residents will be incredibly grateful. You could place recycling bins on every floor or ensure each property has a recycling center somewhere easily accessible. Better yet, make energy and water efficiency improvements that can save you and your residents money while also having a positive impact on the environment. You might also consider putting solar panels on your roof, which can work with existing water heating systems. Over time, these high-end apartment amenities will pay for themselves in financial savings, resident satisfaction, and environmental benefits!

19. Car-charging stations

If your property is in an urban area full of eco-conscious electric vehicle owners, you might want to consider EV chargers as a high-end apartment amenity. Installing the chargers is definitely an investment, but it may be one worth making if potential residents will take advantage of the of the charging stations. Plus, depending on your state, you could get tax credits for installing EV chargers.

We hope that these 19 high-end apartment amenities gave you inspiration for all kinds of unique perks to offer your residents. Ever seen or built a crazy amenity that we didn’t include? Let us know in the comments below!