How Re/Max Real Estate Agent Joe Mueller Delivers Exceptional Client Experience

As a top-performing real estate agent at RE/MAX Results and Founder of The MOVE Group real estate team, Joe Mueller knows what it takes to deliver an outstanding experience for his clients. We caught up with Joe to chat with him about how Updater eases the stress of moving for his clients and the one piece of advice he always gives home buyers.

What has your clients’ response been like to Updater?

Honestly, our clients love it! What I find interesting is that when you leverage a product like Updater, it’s not necessarily that your clients come to you raving about it. It’s more that they don’t come to you asking a ton of questions about preparing for their move. In my opinion, this is amazing — it saves agents time and energy and creates an exceptional client experience.

What problem is Updater solving for your clients? 

It simplifies the moving process for our clients — creating a central hub for a client’s move. Instead of completing tasks on half a dozen different sites, Updater consolidates all of their moving-related tasks into one central dashboard. It’s easy for clients, and when they are in the middle of a move, that is exactly what they need.

What do you believe is the most important piece of advice or guidance you can provide a homebuyer?

I definitely recommend to all my clients to take advantage of Updater and to use it! Often, a client thinks they can manage a move on their own but don’t realize how complex a move can get. Having Updater as a central hub for their move is incredibly valuable. I always make sure my clients know that they will be receiving an Updater invitation. From there, I make sure that they understand that accepting this invite is one of the most important things they can do to make their closing and the moving process run as smoothly as possible.

Have your referrals increased since adopting Updater?

A happy client makes for great referrals. Updater provides a better client experience than anything our team had put together in the past. To put it simply: A better client experience means happy clients, and happy clients mean more referrals. Updater is helping us make that a reality.

Compared to other real estate technology products you’ve used, how easy was it to incorporate Updater into your day-to-day?

Our broker had the foresight to see that Updater would benefit all agents, so it was incorporated into our backend process company-wide. Updater integrates with our transaction management software and when certain dates or triggers are hit, the invites go out automatically to our clients. It’s about as seamless as any piece of technology we’ve ever implemented.