HOW Real Estate Enhances Client Satisfaction

If you thought that HOW Real Estate couldn’t do it all — think again! This Philadelphia-based brokerage provides offerings for just about every step of the real estate life cycle. “HOW” you ask? — The company manages real estate, commercial and residential development, construction, property management, renovations, and they also provide financing if needed. Phew! We’re out of breath.

We spoke with Jesse Johnston, Managing Partner at HOW Real Estate, to discuss what goes into managing real estate needs from beginning to end, and how Updater perfectly aligns with their passion for providing excellent real estate services for their clients.

What makes HOW Real Estate unique?

Because we offer such a vast array of services, our success isn’t necessarily measured by the amount of homes we sell. As a result, we are able to help our clients truly maximize their real estate potential by aiding them in achieving the results they want from start to finish.

The home buying/selling process (and especially the move) is a hectic time for people. Before, during, or even after a move, what takes a client experience from so-so to exceptional?

The key to exceptional client experience is most definitely maintaining full-time communication. We have multiple full-time staff members who are here to speak with clients whenever they’re needed. Most real estate agents are constantly running from appointment to appointment and are often too busy to connect with clients effectively. Our staff does a great job communicating and smoothly guiding our clients through the moving process.

How does Updater help you provide a better client experience?

Often times, it’s all the “little things” that are forgotten during a move. I’ve used Updater myself, and it really makes the moving process effortless! For HOW Real Estate, Updater is a great touch that we get to share with our clients, further escalating our services to the next level.

Similarly, how has Updater helped the HOW Real Estate team?

Here at HOW Real Estate, we believe that really good real estate agents are really bad at remembering stuff! Having a system like Updater allows us to streamline the entire process for our agents. Anything that we can automate, we want to automate.

What role do you think technology plays in the real estate industry today? How, in particular, has it helped HOW Real Estate?

HOW Real Estate is all about serving our clients first. Any technology we use is chosen deliberately to make our clients’ experience better and memorable (in a good way!) We use technology that helps our clients’ full experience with us run as smoothly as possible. HOW Real Estate’s utilization of technology, like Updater, enhances our services and allows us to continuously improve and heighten client satisfaction.