Key Realty Group Shares Culture and Client Success

Located in Boston’s Back Bay, boutique real estate firm Key Realty Group (KRG) specializes in residential real estate sales and rentals in downtown Boston and Greater Boston. Their focus is on helping clients find their dream home, and even more importantly, helping them realize what that dream truly is.

We spoke with Curtis Key, owner of KRG, about what matters to today’s real estate clients and how KRG provides a franchise-quality brand, systems, and training — all while maintaining a boutique-level of engagement.

Curtis Key, owner of Key Realty Group

How Key Realty Group provides a great client experience

KRG isn’t just there to sell to clients; they’re there to advise — to provide an end-to-end concierge service. The emphasis is on listening to clients’ needs, asking what kind of lifestyle they’re looking for, and helping them make it a reality. Curtis’s team does this by painting the complete picture of a lifestyle for every potential home.

“Our job is not to spend your money,” Curtis tells us. “We’re here to show you what your money buys in Boston.” KRG doesn’t search solely for properties with the right number of bedrooms and bathrooms. They find properties for their clients to call home.

Boston’s Back Bay

5 stars for boutique-level engagement

According to Curtis, “Our agents are more than a number. Clients are more than a deal.” He says that one of the biggest problems larger real estate firms encounter is trying to do a lot and do it well, while engagement — for both agents and clients — tends to fall by the wayside. The #1 difference with KRG is that they’ve built a powerhouse brand without compromising technology, internal systems, or training for agents.

To that end, it’s easy to see why Boston’s beloved boutique firm has such high ratings on Yelp (5 stars!). New agents at KRG are hired for a couple of core things: personality and culture fit — people who are willing to go the extra mile and work together.

For agents at KRG, 5-star reviews are a powerful motivator. Curtis says that new agents want that same response from their clients, which helps the firm maintain particularly high levels of engagement. But how do you retain the most successful agents? “People don’t quit companies; people quit people,” Curtis tells us. “So really, my retention strategy is: Provide a culture and choose people who you know will be there to help you, and help one another.”

Home to Key Realty Group

Relationship management and more with Updater

While agents at KRG provide personal, hands-on service to their clients, at the end of the day, deals close. That’s where Updater comes into play. As Curtis says, “Deals close, but our relationship doesn’t.” Updater has an important role in that, especially on the systems side. By the time agents have closed a deal and are essentially moving on to the next one, Updater is there to deliver that personalized service clients have come to expect: end-to-end moving support — everything from forwarding mail to connecting utilities and beyond.

Asked how it’s been to work with an Updater Success Manager, Curtis tells us, “I really like the fact that Brandi checks in with me from time to time. She does a great job of reaching out to let us know how we’re doing, how invites to use Updater are going out, how clients are engaging with it… She’s continuing to show us the value of Updater.”

KRG and Updater put personalized experiences at the center of every interaction — be it client or customer. “Having the relationship we have with Updater, it’s great to be able to implement some of the ideas we find important. And it’s nice for clients to have a personalized dashboard where they can check things off and see what’s pending,” Curtis says. “What’s nice is that, where we are as a company and where Updater is — we’re all in the same place. We’re all building something.”