David Nelson Uses Updater for Clients and Team

In a galaxy far, far away, lives David Nelson, a Star Wars fanatic who also happens to be a real estate agent with a true passion for selling real estate. As the leader of the Imperial Home Team (get it?) with RE/MAX Advantage Plus, he is committed to helping buyers and sellers find their home in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis–Saint Paul in Minnesota.

We had the chance to sit down with David to discuss how he goes the extra mile as an agent and team leader by utilizing Updater to add value to his team and client experience. David has expanded the Imperial Home Team to 7 members and keeps his team’s Updater invite claim rate at 80% and growing. But more importantly, we also discovered his favorite Star Wars bounty hunter!

You’re one of Updater’s top performers, congrats! How do you do it?

We have a system in place that our team and clients see as a huge value proposition. Our team assistant inputs all of our team members’ clients into Updater once we have an accepted offer since our assistant proofs all contracts. The consistency of this is highly appreciated by the clients and our agents. Then, our assistant checks Updater weekly to make sure the clients have initially logged in. If they haven’t, she’ll remind them again. It’s an added service we get to provide when people choose to work with us!

Since offering Updater for the first time, how have your clients responded?

Overall, they love it and find it simple to manage. Our clients like the fact that they can go to one site to complete their utility transfers, update their mailing address with the USPS and magazines, notify friends of their move, and have an overall checklist to keep them on track. Moving is stressful enough, so having a guide is priceless! This also alleviates the clients from asking our agents basic questions because Updater provides that information automatically. For our agents, Updater prevents them from having to babysit their clients, while also making them look great! It’s a win-win.

How do you work Updater into your relationship with the client?

We discuss Updater at our contract signing with both buyers and sellers. We tell our clients that once they receive an accepted offer, we subscribe them to Updater which will make their lives easier and more structured. We also tell our clients that it is free for them and they only have to login to stay on track with their moving process. It’s just that simple. Set it and forget it!

Other than Boba Fett, which of the bounty hunters that Darth Vader hires to find Han Solo is the coolest?

Bossk is my second choice to the main man of Boba Fett. Bossk brought in the lizard aspect to a Wookie-infested world, plus his weapon of choice was pretty cool. Not too many people can pull of a mortar round rifle like Bossk. Yes… Nerding out here.