Effective Social Media Ideas for Apartment Communities

Social media for apartment communities is a must-have for connecting with both current and potential residents. Platforms are free to use, give you tools to track your progress, and allow you to reach your audience through various channels. You can reach future residents as they hunt for a new apartment and build loyalty with current residents through smart social media tactics. Let’s take a look at what goes into creating engaging social media strategies for apartment communities.

First, define your brand and audience.

The first thing you want to do before starting a new social media strategy is to get familiar with your target audience. You want to be aware of which demographics you plan to target before starting (or revamping) your social media strategy. For example, you would use different strategies to appeal to a 20-something female than you would to a 40-something female. Add in occupation, marital status, and location and you have a range of different audiences.

Which demographic makes up your current and future residents? Which age range and financial bracket do they fall into? What is their marital status? All of these play a part in determining your social media strategy, so the more you understand about your target audience, the more effective your outreach will be.

Brands can use some updating at any stage in their lifecycles, so even if you have a strong brand, it can pay to take a closer look before you start focusing on social media for your apartment communities. First, define your brand’s personality and make sure that its voice remains present and consistent throughout all points of contact – websites, marketing materials, and social media.

Then, define your brand further by leveraging its defining features and competitive edge. What makes your apartment communities unique? What is the emotional impact of your brand and what are your core values? Answering questions like these will help you, your residents, and your potential residents get a good feel for your brand.

Now that you have your brand and audience defined, let’s take a look at a few strategic social media ideas for apartment communities.

Appeal to your audience with these social media ideas for apartment communities.

Now that you know who your target audience is you can start gearing your posts toward them. Vary your posts and the platforms you use, then measure their effectiveness by likes, shares, and views. Experiment with posting at different times on various days and see what works best with your audience. Social media marketing for apartment communities must be maintained and measured on a regular basis, so make sure you set aside some time every day or at least every week to maintain your social presence.  

You can benefit from using a range of platforms to reach different members of your target audience. Some residents might respond better to amusing memes, while others only want the written facts. To make the most of each platform’s strengths, you may want to share the same information with images on Instagram, a blog post on Facebook, and a video on Snapchat.

Wait, did we say video? Yes, we did! When using social media for apartment communities, embracing video is a must. Over 40% of 18 to 34-year-olds in the US use Snapchat every day, and millennials watch more YouTube than any TV network in the US. Millennials make up a large portion of the home market, making them an influential audience in your social media marketing efforts. You can appeal to this generation and others, by hosting walk-throughs of your units on Snapchat, sharing online tips for apartment living on YouTube, or using Facebook Live to host online events.

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Add value to your social media posts for apartment communities.

Not all of your posts should be promotional. In fact, aim to keep sales-related posts to a minimum. You want to draw your audience in, not push them away with forceful sales tactics. Grabbing the attention of potential followers and encouraging them to follow you can be tricky, so be sure to share posts that add value. Sticking with content that is informative, engaging, and relatable will provide value for the most number of people. Social media posts for apartment communities that add value include images of beautiful units, tips for apartment hunting, and updates on community events.

Blogs are another engaging way to add value to your posts. If you have a blog, include links to your blog posts on your social media accounts and add a line or two of snappy copy that displays your brand’s personality. This will both engage residents and promote your brand’s voice across a number of channels.  If you do not have a blog, share relevant articles that align with your company’s mission.

Residents love to be in-the-know, so add value to your posts by using social media to share social events like building-wide barbecues or trivia nights. You can also inform residents of any weather warnings or transportation updates. Additionally, social media can be used for apartment communities to notify residents of any maintenance announcements, ensuring that everyone is prepared for service changes.

Beyond getting additional “likes,” valuable content can also earn you shares. If you can provide something so valuable that a follower shares it with their friends – that’s called winning engagement!

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Encourage conversation with social media for apartment communities.

It’s all in the name – social media. Use social media techniques for apartment communities to build online conversations. In this context, a conversation is any form of a back and forth. It can come from apartment decorating competitions, community event polls, and networking with local businesses online. If you already have a loyal base of followers and want to amplify it, a competition could do just the trick. Photo competitions, in particular, provide a fun and inclusive way to get residents involved. Some examples involve residents taking photos of their best pet Halloween costume or their favorite community feature. Make sure that submissions are posted on specified social channels and that your apartment community is tagged in the photos.

Another social media idea for apartment communities to engage with residents is asking poll questions. This tool gets residents involved in community-related decisions like which coffee to stock in the lobby or which fitness class to add to the schedule.

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Remember to also interact with businesses outside of your apartment community by engaging with organizations that align with your brand. See a Facebook group whose brand you connect with? Reach out to them. Comment on their posts, ask questions, and start a dialogue. Be sure to like and follow these new networks on different platforms. With any luck, they will follow you back!

Build brand trust with these social media ideas for apartment communities.

Almost 60% of social media users rank transparency third on their list of core values (after quality and reliability) when it comes to social media marketing, and social media for apartment communities is no different. To increase transparency, you can include company culture and highlights in your social media feeds, along with photos of employee news and successes. Try making Boomerang videos of your employees enjoying their jobs for more playful posts. All of these will not only help to share your brand with potential followers, but they can also boost morale within the company.

Another way to stay transparent is by using social media to foster the community’s reputation. One complaint could quickly spiral out of control if not responded to within 24 hours. Use social media for apartment communities to respond to client inquiries or complaints quickly and publicly. While a public apology might sound embarrassing, rest assured that it does have its advantages. Though uncomfortable, complaints give property managers the opportunity to show that they are empathetic to residents’ needs and how they care about each individual. So, don’t be afraid to publicly address an issue.

With these tools, you can connect with your current residents and reach potential residents, as well. As long as you keep your brand and your audience in mind, have fun and let your creative side shine. If you want a little more inspiration, check out our post highlighting some snazzy property management companies that are killing it on social media.