Support Stoop – Introducing Updater to Your Clients

Welcome to the Support Stoop – all the information you need to know about how to use Updater, straight from our Success department!  

This week, it’s back to the basics! We have a few “just getting started” questions coming through the wire this morning from one of our newest clients. Big thanks to Kim B. from Denver, CO, who sent over a few questions about how to explain and introduce Updater to your clients.

If you’re just getting started, don’t be shy about asking questions – we’ve got answers!

How can I give my clients a heads up that they’ll receive an invitation to use Updater?

Great question! Our clients who see the highest engagement let their clients know in advance that they’ll receive an Updater invitation in their inbox.

We recommend that you tell your clients about Updater right off the bat by including our marketing materials in yours, and simply touting the fact that you offer moving services included in your service offering. Reminding them again before closing or lease signing because it’s a great way for you to finish and close the transaction.

If your invites are scheduled by your brokerage, we suggest reminding your clients when you receive your two-day notification email. And if you’re sending your invites manually, tell your clients to keep their eyes peeled for an invitation in their inbox that same day. Yep, it’s that simple!

How do I explain Updater to my clients?

Remember those handy marketing sheets we sent you? It’s time to put ’em to good use!

You can literally read right off of your marketing sheet to explain Updater – we’ve made it that simple! In case you misplaced your copy (no worries, we’ll forgive and forget), here are a few options for explaining Updater. Pick your flavor:

I’m Formal: “I’ve partnered with Updater, a completely free, easy-to-use tool that’ll save you a TON of time on your moving-related tasks. My past clients have saved an average of five hours, updated 16 accounts, and saved 21 emails and phone calls. It’s a great way to connect your tv and internet, reserve a moving company, forward your mail with the USPS, notify businesses and accounts of your new address, secure your insurance, and transfer utilities. You’re going to love it!”

I’m Casual: “I recently invested in this impressive technology that’s kind of like a Turbo Tax for moving – helping you handle mail forwarding, updating accounts, hooking up cable and utilities, and more. Check your inbox in a day or so. My clients love it!”

I’m Hilarious: “Moving doesn’t have to suck. I have a great tool for you to use. Keep your eyes peeled for an email shortly – I’m sending you a tool to make it not suck. Use it.” 

I’m In a Rush: “I sent you an email with moving help – use it. You’ll thank me later.”

Have a question you’d like to see answered in the Support Stoop? Let us know in the comments below, and our support elves will cover it in an upcoming post.