Full-Service Brokerage Tindell & Co. Improves Client Experience with Updater

The Portland-based real estate shop, Tindell & Co. is a powerhouse, full-service brokerage offering buyer, seller, and property management services to their clients throughout the greater Portland Metropolitan area. We caught up with Tindell’s founder, Jessica Tindell, to discuss her brokerage’s unique business model, why a company such as Tindell is needed, and how Updater helps provide an exceptional value-add to clients.

Tindell has a unique business model, can you tell us more about it? 

I founded Tindell & Co. after discovering the need for a skilled company that offers both property management and real estate services. At Tindell, we pride ourselves on helping our clients identify and execute what matters most to both their real estate needs and long-term property goals. We’re unique in that we can truly assist in all housing needs — from buying, selling, renting, even 1031 exchanging.

What are some of the benefits that your clients see from Tindell operating in both the brokerage and property management spaces?

Our clients benefit from Tindell operating in both real estate sales and property management because we are well-versed in both arenas. 

An example of this is if a tenant decides to buy the home they are currently renting, we are able to assist in executing the transaction seamlessly for both the owner and the tenant. 

It also means that if a seller decides that they no longer want to sell their house, we can help secure tenants and manage the home as a rental, until they desire to list again. Taking it one step further, if a tenant is ready to purchase a home, we have already established rapport with them. This means they feel confident in us to expertly guide them through the home-buying process. Even for investors that are ready to purchase their next rental property, we have the ability to effectively manage their property after closing. 

In your opinion, what need is Updater filling or what problem is it solving for your clients?

Whether you are purchasing a new home or renting, moving is a stressful process. We see it day in and day out with our clients. The number of tasks you need to complete to move from one home to another can be overwhelming. From what we’ve experienced, however, Updater significantly relieves this burden. It allows our clients to complete tasks such as updating their utilities and forwarding their mail, without the hassle of navigating multiple websites or remembering to contact all of their loved ones and friends separately. 

What has your experience been like implementing Updater?

Put simply, implementing Updater was easy — it integrated seamlessly with our transaction software. We personalized the details and added our branding, and it’s sent automatically based on the prospective closing dates of our clients. In terms of other technology that we have adopted at Tindell, Updater was definitely on the easier end of the spectrum!

What has your clients’ response been like to Updater?

What’s not to love? Our clients love Updater! It makes their lives easier, which makes them happier. When we can provide a service that makes our clients’ lives easier, that makes us look good. It’s a win-win situation all around.