5 Ways to Help Customers Move During the Holidays

Moving any time of the year is challenging, but moving during the holidays is extra-stressful. Let’s just say that between thanking grandma for that “charming” holiday sweater she knit you and packing up the entire house, moving during the holidays can feel stressful, well… quickly.

Still, there are plenty of simple ways to easily brighten the mood for all your customers and spread a bit of holiday cheer! Adding that extra personal touch during the holidays can even be a unique opportunity for you to bolster your business, improve your brand recognition and most importantly, provide a better customer experience.

’Tis the season (for giving)!

There’s no better time to get in the giving spirit than the holidays. Partner with charitable organizations like Move For Hunger, which works with moving companies to pick up unwanted food from your customers’ homes and then redistributes everything to local food banks.

It’s an awesome gesture to get in the holiday spirit (and an even better way to help your customers unload all that extra canned pumpkin that they have lying around the pantry!).

Offer a unique housewarming gift.

Fill small stockings with holiday treats, and then offer them to your customers as a unique (and memorable!) housewarming gift. Go ahead and stuff them with holiday mints, caramels, or even a few nice holiday truffles!

Bonus tip: Stick branded promotional collateral right in the stocking – a magnet, coasters, or bottle openers tend to work well.

Scour the newspaper for holiday events.

Especially if your customers are moving in from out of town, they’ll probably have to leave behind old holiday traditions in their area.

Check out the local newspapers to get a feel for events happening around the holidays and share all the events that you hear about with your movers. It’s an awesome conversation starter, and an even better way to make your customers feel at home in their new community.

Deck the halls.

Go the extra mile, and hand out a holiday decoration or two to your customers. After all, chances are that all their holiday decorations will be knee-deep in boxes. A non-denominational gift like a wreath for the front door or even a nice holiday-scented candle tends to work well for this. Best yet, you can even hire a fulfillment company to do all the wrapping for you.

… And when all else fails, bring donuts.

Dunkin’ Donuts or even your local bakery spin up wonderful baked creations around the holidays. Especially if you know that your customers have kids, pick up a half dozen holiday-themed donuts, and bring them with you on moving day. Besides, what better way to power up for a hard day’s work than a big stack of donuts?

While we’ll be first to admit that moving during the holidays can feel like the worst, it doesn’t have to be! Implement a few of these tips, and we promise you’ll instantly win the favor of your customers – after all, it’s sometimes the smallest gestures that pack the most punch!