Top 6 Technologies to Simplify Resident Communication

When it comes to communicating with residents, not all modes of communication are created equal! According to a recent Gallup poll, texting, email, and social media are the most popular ways of getting in touch with Americans age 50 and under. While snail mail and landlines may work better for older folks, it’s imperative that you’re communicating with residents using the technology and platforms that they use.

Here’s a roundup of our favorite technology for communicating with residents – plug and play with the options below, and see which work best for you and your residents!

1. Luxer One
If your residents complain about missing packages, you’re in luck. Luxer One sends text notifications to residents when their packages have been delivered to the property’s secure Luxer One locker. Your residents can rest assured knowing that their package has arrived safely, and then pick it up whatever it’s convenient for them.

2. Whatsapp
Working with international clients, but need a more immediate form of communication than emailing back and forth? Whatsapp is a free and simple messaging platform that makes it easy to communicate quickly with anyone, regardless of their country code or mobile carrier. All you need is a Whatsapp account and a Wi-Fi connection to get started!

3. ReaLync
While most of us prefer to view a property in person, residents moving from other states or countries won’t always have this luxury. With the ReaLync app, residents can directly view properties in real time or through pre-recorded tours. And the best part? There’s a private chat feature built right in to ask questions and get specific details about the property—making the virtual experience close to the “real thing.”

4. One Call Now
Rent due dates, building maintenance, fire drills—whatever you need to remind your residents about, One Call Now is one of the best notification providers out there. One Call Now allows you to send recurring and urgent notifications to residents via text, voicemail, or email—whatever they prefer.

5. Nixle
Your residents want to stay up to date on more than just maintenance and rent due dates. Nixle allows residents to sign up for text, email, voicemail, and social media notifications about what’s happening in their area and around the country. Whether it’s emergency notifications from the local police department or live updates on Super Bowl 50 (seriously!), Nixle lets your residents stay up to date on what matters to them most.

6. Hootsuite
If you have a social media presence (or you’re trying to build one), Hootsuite consolidates all your social media accounts into a single platform—no need to have five tabs open at once! Hootsuite makes it easy to schedule your posts in advance, find relevant content, and interact with followers. And with analytics built right in, Hootsuite is an all-in-one platform to make sure your social media presence is an effective communication tool for your residents.

It’s never a bad idea to keep some things old school! Posting flyers in the elevators to remind residents of community events is a more personal way of keeping them in the loop and motivating them to attend.

With help from technology, it’s easier than ever to communicate with your residents by using the modes of communication that they use most. Considering effective communication can help decrease resident turnover, what are you waiting for?