University Moving and Storage Offers Updater

Headquartered in Farmington Hills, Michigan, University Moving and Storage has been an industry-leading supplier of moving, storage, and distribution services for household, corporate, and even government clients since 1969. With 5 certifications, top awards from Crain’s, Working Woman Magazine, AMSA, and more, University makes their commitment to customer service and teamwork clear. That’s why University has integrated with Updater! Read on to see how the partnership has taken their customer experience to new heights.

What makes University Moving and Storage unique?

We are a Top 5 Agent for North American, recognized as AMSA’s 2015 Agent of the Year, and we are woman-owned!

Since partnering with Updater, how has it helped your team?

Updater offers our customers an additional layer of support during one of the most stressful times in their lives. We try to cover all of the details and make it as easy as possible. Updater helps us achieve this!

What’s the key to customer satisfaction?

Making sure customers feel secure and can trust the people handling all of their most valuable possessions.

What is the most loved or useful tool you offer customers?

Each customer is assigned a moving coordinator who assists with all of their moving needs.

How easy was it to get started with Updater?

Extremely easy. We even got cookies! The moving demo explains it all and the website is simple and easy to use; not to mention that the Updater team is friendly, energetic, and helpful!

Winter’s coming! Any tips for moving in the snow?

Keep your driveway and walkway cleared and salted. Put blankets or towels down on outdoor stairs to avoid slippage. Make sure you have a mat down by the door so that snow and ice aren’t dragged into the home.

Speaking of snow… the slow season is upon us. How do you keep your business thriving during the off-season?

We have a snow storage business that keeps us pretty busy throughout January and February. It’s really a great business model since we have such a large parking lot.

What are some trends you see emerging in the industry?

I see a lack of talent in the moving and storage industry becoming an issue. We certainly see it on the driver side, but we also see it in sales and operations management roles. In order to compete for top talent and stay relevant, moving and storage companies will need to rethink the way they recruit the next generation of talent.

How does University Moving and Storage ensure a great customer experience?

Our team here at University is focused on breaking down the silos within each role and working shoulder to shoulder to make sure every customer receives world-class service. The layers of support we’ve built inside the company are reflected in the lifelong relationships we build with customers with each move.

How has Updater affected your customer experience?

Updater helps show our customers that we care about their moves and want to help alleviate the stress of moving. We are grateful to be able to give our customers a tool to ease the moving process.