VIDEO: REI Alleviates Stress for Agents and Clients With Updater

Realty Executives International has been making waves and winning awards in the real estate industry since their founding in 1965. They continually strive to improve the client experience by fostering a unique people-first culture. Their dedication to clients and agents pushes Realty Executives International to provide impressively efficient and incredibly reliable service

Over the years, REI has successfully merged decades’ worth of experience with modern applications to ensure their agents are informed and their clients are taken care of. From an in-house technology platform for clients to mentorship programs for agents, REI continues to develop innovative ways to enhance the moving experience. This combination of knowledge, training, and technology guarantees that REI delivers the highest quality of service to clients.

We sat down with Alysia Heun, Vice President of Franchise Services, and David Celaya, Vice President, to learn more about their unique approach to client services and how Updater gives their agents more time to focus on the needs of clients.

This is just a way to genuinely provide service to someone and for that person to feel like: ‘Thank goodness! The stress of all of this is lifted. I have an easy solution to get all of this taken care of,’ which isn’t traditionally what you think a realtor’s job is to do.

– Alysia Heun, Vice President of Franchise Services