How to Consolidate TV and Internet When Moving in Together

The days before and after a move are always busy — especially when two people are moving in together for the first time — and the last thing you want is to be stuck in the lurch without TV and internet. Just ask Austin E. from North Carolina!

“When my wife and I were moving into our first house, I was in charge of setting up internet and TV,” explains Austin. “I waited until three or four days before we were supposed to move in to contact the internet provider, and they told me the house needed new cables for the speeds we wanted and that they couldn’t send a technician out for a week and a half.”

“We lasted all of two days without internet. We were so bored and couldn’t get anything done on our phones. I ended up calling and sitting on hold with customer service for an hour to see if there was anything they could do. In the end, they offered to set us up with a slower internet speed until the tech was able to come out. We gladly accepted — it was better than nothing!”

When you’re moving in with a significant other, you’ll want to iron out the details of your TV and internet services well before moving day — or else you may find yourself in a predicament similar to Austin’s. In general, it’s best to order services for your new home two weeks before your move. This will ensure the provider has plenty of time to set everything up, even if a technician needs to be sent out for installation.

When it comes to selecting TV and internet plans, keep in mind that you’ll likely have twice as many devices on your network — two phones, two computers, etc. — so you may need to purchase a plan with higher bandwidth than you originally had. You’ll also need to think about whether you plan to use streaming services on multiple TVs at once, which may necessitate getting a family plan.

As long as you plan ahead and communicate with your partner, you should be able to set up your internet and TV without a hitch, ensuring you never have to go without Wi-Fi.

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