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How to Pack Jewelry for Moving

Have you thought about how to pack your jewelry for moving? In the midst of hiring movers, researching the world’s best moving tips, and daydreaming about decorations for your new home, it’s easy to forget about transporting these delicate items. Nevertheless, we know that whether your jewelry is worth $5 or $5,000, you don’t want to lose track of it when you move. So prepare to get creative, because we’re bringing you our best jewelry packing hacks.

Take inventory of your jewelry

Moving is the perfect opportunity to take inventory of your jewelry. Whether you have a massive collection of fine jewels or just a few sentimental items, you need to make sure you have an accurate record of your belongings before deciding how to pack your jewelry. With your list in hand, you won’t have to worry about accidentally leaving something behind on move-out day. Just remember to double-check your records.

You can inventory jewelry quickly by taking photos of the pieces and uploading them to an online storage provider such as Google Drive or Dropbox. You can also purchase a little extra cloud storage space for your mobile device, snap your pics, and stash them in the cloud.

Another option, especially if you may want to sell some of your jewelry in the future, would be an app like Sortly. Even though Sortly is designed for antique jewelry, it works for any of your wearable gems.

For expensive jewelry, consider getting an appraisal. Then, keep a spreadsheet that contains details like value, description, and how long you’ve owned it. If you’re getting moving insurance, find out what information is required to make a claim and include those details on your jewelry inventory list.

During the inventory process, it’s a good idea to purge items you don’t want anymore. Remember, the less you own, the less jewelry you have to move. Want to know when you should start the process of purging and packing? Just follow our ultimate moving checklist.

How to pack jewelry for moving: 8 ways

After you purge, it’s time to decide exactly how you will pack your jewelry for your move.


Want to keep your necklaces from becoming a jumbled mess? Use straws! Simply slip the chain through the straw to the other end until you can clip it at the other side. Ta-da! No tangles here. You can do multiple necklaces in one straw, but be careful not to tangle the chains.

To keep things eco-friendly, you may want to grab some biodegradable straws. Today, there are plenty of paper and plant-based options to choose from. They even have edible straws. So hey, if packing gets you peckish, you could turn your sippy storage stock into a snack. Why not?

Toilet paper roll

Similar to the straw method, just slip your necklace or bracelet through the toilet paper roll and clasp it on the outside. This method works great if your necklace or bracelet is on the chunky side or if you want to pack several jewelry pieces together. For longer chain necklaces, you can use paper towel rolls.

Egg cartons

This is one of the best ways to pack jewelry for moving. An egg carton works great for moving necklaces, completely tangle-free. Just string the sides of your necklace through the holes in the top of the egg carton, clasp the chain there, and keep the rest of the necklace inside the egg carton. Then you can wrap the whole thing in paper or bubble wrap, and you’re set! The best part is that you can do multiple necklaces in one carton without fear of the chains getting tangled.

Plastic kitchen wrap

If your jewelry is already organized neatly in a tray or bowl, you can simply stretch some resealable kitchen wrap, such as Saran Wrap, across and around the container. Once you arrive in your new home, unpacking will be as simple as taking off the plastic wrap and setting the jewelry organizers wherever you want.


Buttons are a simple, cheap way to pack earrings securely. Just stick the earring post through the buttonhole and place the earring back on the other side of the button. This is a great way to keep pairs of earrings organized.

Business cards

Business cards provide the most room for creativity when it comes to packing jewelry for moving. For necklaces, you can cut holes through the center of the card. Then, loop the necklace through and clasp the chain on the other side. For earrings, you can just poke smaller holes through the business card and fit multiple pairs of earrings on one card. This is both a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly way to pack jewelry for moving. 

Sandwich bags

Once you’ve looped, strung, and poked your jewelry through a variety of different materials, you need to keep it organized. You definitely won’t want to just throw your business cards and straws into a box and call it a day. To pack your jewelry for moving, try organizing the jewelry by size or type. Then, place the pieces into a few different resealable sandwich bags. You can put rings in a smaller bag, the business card full of earrings in another (in case the earrings fall out of the card), and then combine all the bags into one larger freezer bag. Your jewelry will be organized, easy to sort through, and ready to move.

Jewelry box

Though it may seem obvious, a jewelry box is a great way to pack your jewelry for moving. If you want to be extra safe, you could place all your sandwich bags into a jewelry box to ensure the items don’t get shaken around or the bags busted open. However, a more environmentally friendly option is to just take your toilet paper rolls and buttons and place them in a secure jewelry box. Just make sure the box is convenient to transport yourself on move-out day.

Keep jewelry with you on moving day

No matter how you pack your jewelry for moving, know that many moving companies won’t take valuable or sentimental items. With this in mind, plan to keep your jewelry with you on moving day.

Whichever creative method you decide to go with, we hope you now feel like an expert on how to pack jewelry for moving. Do you have an awesome jewelry packing hack we forgot to include? Let us know in the comments below!

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