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Moving In With Your Partner: Building a Relationship Through Change

Moving in with your partner can be a chance to strengthen your bond and build a strong foundation for your relationship. Here are a few tips on how to have fun, look after your well-being, and create opportunities for growth when moving in with your partner.

1. Imagine your new home together

This is the fun part of moving with your partner — imagining what it will be like living in your new home and all the exciting things you’ll do when you get there.

Picture your dream home together, and start sharing pictures and ideas of how you’d like your new place to look. Pinterest is good for this, and it’s a great way to get to know each other’s style and taste — you can pick images of furniture pieces, room designs, and color schemes that inspire and motivate you.

2. Create a to-do list

There are dozens of things that need to be sorted out before moving with your partner, from gathering cardboard boxes to setting up a new internet plan. Make a list of everything that needs to be done. Then, either make a copy for each of you or add it to a shared document.

Cross off each item when it’s done, and let your partner know. As you gradually whittle down the list, you can gain a shared sense of achievement and the feeling that things are moving forward. By having everything written down in advance, you can avoid any issues that might occur if something vital gets forgotten about or left to the last minute.

3. Divide up responsibilities

If one person ends up doing most of the work, resentment can quickly rise to the surface. Make sure to divide up the moving responsibilities as fairly as possible.

If one of you has less free time than the other, try to work around this. Perhaps the busier partner can do the less time-consuming (but still vital!) tasks, like reaching out to new utility companies.

4. Spend time sorting through your possessions

You may realize you have far more things than you thought, and the process of putting it all into boxes and then into one home can feel onerous. But it can also be a fun time to relive shared memories.

If you can, pack up each room together. Perhaps some of the items you’re putting into boxes will remind you of a holiday you’d been on or a comically disastrous dinner party. Packing together also gives you a chance to identify any redundancy in your kitchenware or other items and reduce accordingly before moving everything into one place.

5. Get help

Moving with your partner is an enjoyable time to create more memories, but it can get a little overwhelming if it’s just the two of you doing all the heavy lifting. A day spent heaving boxes around will leave both of you exhausted, and it’s easy to lose your temper under such circumstances.

If you can, hire a team of professional movers to help on the big day. They will get everything shifted in a fraction of the time. If your budget is tight and a professional moving firm isn’t an option, get as many friends and family as possible to help on moving day. And if you’re worried about your budget, these money-saving tips could help.

6. Organize your moving finances

It’s important to communicate about your budget ahead of time when moving in with a partner. Work out how much you’ll need to cover everything related to the move and how you’ll pay — perhaps you can split the costs down the middle or create a shared account. Remember to consider all expenses, from moving companies to takeout food.

7. Get to know the new area together

If you and your partner are moving to a new part of town for one of you, or even a new town completely, make sure to visit as much as you can before moving day. Discover restaurants, museums, shops and other places, and plan some things you can do when you move in. Getting to know the new area can help the change feel less daunting. And if your partner is already in the area, have them show you around their favorite spots!

8. Check in with your partner frequently

It’s natural for tensions to build as moving day approaches, so check in with your partner often to talk through any worries. Sharing concerns will help ease fears, and you can remind each other of why you’re moving by discussing all the things you’re going to do when you get to the new place.

9. Remember, it’s OK to spend some time apart

Don’t be afraid to take time to pursue individual interests and give each other a break from talking about the upcoming move. Above all, look after yourself and your personal well-being. Time apart can re-energize you, so when you come back together you have new energy and ideas.

10. Pack a comfort box

Think about what you’ll need to make your new home feel like home, and pack it in a box. Perhaps it’s your favorite pillow, a comforting book, or a bottle of delicious wine. When you arrive in your new home, make sure that’s the first thing you unpack.

Building a new home together can be a great bonding experience. With these tips, you can grow and strengthen your relationship while moving in with your partner.

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