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Moving Services with Military Discounts

Moving to a new place may offer new and exciting opportunities, but the process is not always a walk in the park.

It can be stressful, especially for military families who transfer to new locations often. It also involves a lot of planning and packing.

This guide will provide useful information on how to find reliable movers that offer moving services with military discounts.

Work through your checklist

Prepare a moving checklist and share this with the moving company you hire. A moving checklist includes everything from packing lists to checklists for your car and home. It should also include all the steps you need to take to move safely and efficiently while ensuring your belongings are safe, too. 

In addition to packing up all of your belongings, you should also take time to check your inventory list with your movers. This way, you will know the items the movers are handling — and where they will take these items.

Hire reliable movers

Before hiring moving services with military discounts, be 100% certain they work in your best interest. After all, some moving companies offer military discounts just to attract customers. 

It may be a great deal for those who qualify. But, it also comes with risks. While a discounted service is tempting, you might only waste money on inferior services.

As a result of the millions that require help with moving, a growing number of professional moving services entered the picture. Below, we compiled a list of reliable companies that offer moving services with military discounts.

  • North American Van Lines – Use this mover to get as much as a 50% discount. The requirements state that you or a family member should be part of the American Legion, an organization for US wartime veterans.
  • Oz Moving & Storage – Get military discounts of up to 10% for local moving services. And for a long-distance relocation, a 5% discount is in store. You can visit the company at one of its headquarters — in New York, New Jersey, and California.
  • Smartbox – Receive military discounts for local and long-distance relocation with the help of their storage and moving services.
  • 1-800-PACK-RAT – The company provides discounts to active and retired military members and their families.
  • U-Pack – U-Pack will handle everything on your behalf. Just show up at your new station. It even offers extra discounts to military families who need to use many moving containers.
  • Zippy Shell – Check out military moving and storage discounts from this moving container company. Often, the discounted prices go to current members of the military. But, because of their array of military discounts, visit their website first to learn more.
  • Go Mini’s – Go to this veteran-owned moving container company to avail of discounts and promos. It offers special deals to anyone in the military (and their families).
  • PODS – They honor military members — active, retired, or veteran US Armed Forces members — with a 10% discount. It also provides one month of free storage for long-distance relocations. To get the discount, call PODS, reserve a moving container, and mention your association with the military.
  • Penske Truck Rental – Turn to this truck rental company with over 2,500 convenient locations and receive a 10% discount if you book a one-way truck rental. It presents an ideal solution for military families who are comfortable with the idea of traveling in a transport vehicle.
  • Budget Truck Rental – Enjoy a 20% discount with code USMIO. The requirements involve presenting your military ID or proof of active membership to any military branch.
  • Estes SureMove – Expect a 28-ft freight trailer at your doorstep if you hire this trailer company. If you use their do-it-yourself (DIY) service and spend (at least) $600, you can enjoy a $100 slash on the price.
  • uShip – Those who served or are still serving the US military (and even military spouses) can get 61% off on all their moving or relocation needs. To get this discount and other special promotions, they must sign up for an account on their site. 
  • CubeSmart – Store your possessions using a self-storage unit short-term or long-term. It acknowledges all active military members and offers a 10% discount for self-storage solutions. To receive the discount, present your military ID when the company gives you your rented storage unit.

Consider all of the options

Some military families find that hiring professionals to help them with packing, loading, transporting, and unloading makes the experience smoother. A professional moving company can take care of all those details so you can focus on an essential concern: settling into a new location.

Some military families prefer to handle all aspects of a move themselves. If this is the case, look into companies that offer self-storage facilities, packing supplies, and boxes.

Use a relocation specialist

A relocation specialist may help you with everything from finding office space to hiring a moving team. They can also help you pack up all your belongings, move into your new home, and even provide a list of local movers and packers. You can ask them about their experience handling large-scale moves and any tips they may have for making the process easier.

A relocation specialist can also assist with any questions you may have. In addition to moving-related questions, they can address concerns about housing needs such as finding government-subsidized housing options. They also offer advice on how to find local services and employment opportunities.

Other ways of getting assistance:

  • Talk to state services – Ask for help from the government. Federal law also requires states to provide financial aid to veterans and help them relocate.
  • Go to insurance companies – Work with insurance providers. They are increasingly looking into ways to help everyone military families who want a seamless moving process.

Use your military credentials to save money on moving services

To take advantage of moving services that offer military discounts, bring your ID card, driver’s license, or any proof of identification. Better yet, determine the requirements of a specific mover you want under your employ in advance.

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