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Two Men and a Truck Guide

If you are looking for a full-service moving company to handle your impending move, Two Men and a Truck is one to consider. The company can help you with relocation, packing and unpacking, storage, and junk removal services. They also offer hourly labor for small projects like rearranging furniture or transporting items up to your attic.

With over 350 franchise locations all over the world, Two Men and a Truck may offer services in your neighborhood Are they the right moving partner for you though? To help you decide, our Two Men and a Truck guide includes information on the company’s service offering, pricing, pros and cons, and more.

What is Two Men and a Truck?

As the name suggests, the company was started by two men (high schoolers) and a truck in the 1980s. Today, this franchise-based company can handle pretty much any moving project you have— storage, junk removal, packing, or local and long-distance transport.

Headquartered in Michigan, Two Men and a Truck franchises are located all over the world, so their charges and service offerings differ quite a bit from one location to another. Therefore, you may find it challenging to determine what your move might cost without getting a direct quote. It also means customer satisfaction varies, even though the business mentions a 96% customer referral rate on its site.

Pros of Two Men and a Truck

The biggest benefit of Two Men and a Truck is their full-service assistance. The company performs local and long-distance moves with sites across the US and even internationally, though not all franchises offer long-distance moves. Movers working for Two Men and a Truck are trained, background-checked, and drug-tested.

Cons of Two Men and a Truck

There is no pricing standardization across franchises, so you won’t find rates listed on their sites. Unlike the typical broker-carrier model, Two Men and a Truck has fewer operators (franchises) in-network than large brokers. As it is a franchise company, some Two Men and a Truck locations have more limited service areas than others. They do not currently have franchises in Alaska, Hawaii, New Hampshire, and West Virginia.

How much does Two Men and a Truck charge?

Two Men and a Truck charge hourly for local moves, whereas long-distance rates are based mainly on the distance moved and the cumulative weight of goods. Each of its hourly rates includes two employees, stretch wrap, a moving vehicle, and complimentary pad wrapping.

On average, hourly moving charges are between $149 and $209. As the company follows a franchising model, the minimum number of hours differs from one to two hours depending on the location of each franchise.

Other factors that can affect pricing include loading/unloading time, the date of your move, overall driving time, the number of flights of stairs involved, any extra services you choose, the overall size or weight of your items, and the distance to be covered between your home and the destination.

Why choose Two Men and a Truck

There are a few reasons why it may be a good idea to hire Two Men and a Truck for your moving needs.

Long-distance moving options

For long-distance moves, two men and a truck offers two moving options: 

  • Expedited Moving. Expedited Moving is the most popular long-distance service option offered by Two Men and a Truck. This service provides numerous benefits to customers willing to pay a premium, including faster, more direct transport and an exclusive truck assigned for the move. The same team loading your goods will drive the vehicle and unload it at the destination without any handovers between haulers or holding delays.
  • Value Flex Moving. The company’s most cost-effective moving option is called Value Flex Long-Distance Moving. Two Men and a Truck movers load the customer’s goods into a 16-foot portable moving container. A third-party hauler drives off the cargo together with other shipments and sends it to the Two Men and a Truck franchise closest to the final destination. A team from this site then takes care of the final delivery and unloading at the final destination. 

The Value Flex Moving process is slower than Expedited Moving but results in comparatively lower rates. It is quite an attractive feature for cost-conscious customers with a relatively small number of items to move long distances.

Packing supplies and services

To save customers time, Two Men and a Truck provides a range of packing supplies made specifically for domestic moves. This includes special boxes that may be difficult to find in stores that are useful for lamps, dishes, TVs, and other large or fragile items. The company also provides other kinds of protective products and shipping materials.

If you prefer to skip packing, you can hire Two Men and a Truck to do it for you. The company typically charges hourly rates for packing services, but pricing differs between locations. The Two Men and a Truck team can offer any degree of support, from packaging and carrying a couple of difficult-to-move items, to taking care of your entire move.


Many franchises have storage facilities that you can rent. Some franchises partner with local storage companies to make this kind of service easily accessible for you.

If you are looking for a more conventional storage option, Two Men and a Truck provides warehouse storage in huge wooden cellars at monthly rates. This could be particularly useful for college students during their summer vacations until they can move back to campus for the fall session.

There are multiple other mobile storage options that can be relocated, loaded, and unloaded by workers at Two Men and a Truck. These options are popular for excess items during a move.

Home staging

Two Men and a Truck offers a home staging service for customers looking to sell their homes quickly. Their team reorganizes your furniture to make your house as attractive as it can be for prospective purchasers. You can also use this service for large get-togethers and parties. Also, the company can provide labor to retrieve all of your holiday decorations from storage and arrange them exactly how you want them.

Junk removal

Customers can access haul-away and disposal services from selected Two Men and a Truck franchises, either as standalone services or as part of a move. Pricing depends on how much space the junk takes up in their junk-specific moving vehicles. Junk removal services can handle undesirable products from overhauls, foreclosure/eviction cleanouts, garages, and more.

Junk removal is great for large furniture and other difficult-to-move goods. However, the company will not address backyard waste, domestic trash, extra-heavy debris such as bricks and concrete, unsafe materials, or certain appliances and electronics with special disposal requirements.

Heavy lifting

Their team can offer additional help with moving challenging-to-move items, including labor-only support, without attaching any other moving services. This means if you have rented a moving truck or disposal container from another service, Two Men and a Truck can still help.

Two Men and a Truck moving team will usually charge hourly for handling goods such as pianos, large appliances, lockers, mattresses, workout equipment, and more. You can also benefit from this service for rearranging furniture in your house.

How to book Two Men and a Truck for moving your goods

Compared with other moving businesses, the company has a lengthy quote process. You must fill out a form on the Two Men and a Truck website, and then a company rep will contact you about starting your complete inventory.

The company also offers an easy-to-use inventory tool to simplify the process. With this tool, you can include rooms and list their items so the company can give you a precise quote. A company rep will contact you during this process to estimate a quote based on this inventory. They will also book a time slot for your move.

FAQs about Two Men and a Truck

Will Two Men and a Truck disassemble furniture?

Yes, the company can disassemble furniture for you. However, it will add more time to your hourly rate. We recommend that you manage things at your end as much as possible before the movers reach your house.

Does Two Men and a Truck offer portable storage?

Customers can find mobile storage options at selected franchise locations. Whether you need storage for short-term or long-term, these options are convenient for storing things while moving from one place to another. They offer secure and reliable 16 ft. long and 5′ x 8′ x 7.5′ storage containers. The best part is that you will never have to share storage space with someone else’s items. The Two Men and a Truck team can drop off the storage unit whenever you need it, and you even have the option of their movers loading it for you.

Should I tip the movers?

Even though Two Men and a Truck movers are trained to never ask or hint for tips from customers, they are permitted to accept tips if customers feel inclined to reward them for a job well done. In terms of what to tip the movers, you can tip them whatever you feel is right for the job.

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