Moving While Expecting Kids? Be Sure to Set up TV and Internet

Of all the things you deal with as a new parent during a household move, your belongings may be the most obvious. But what about services? When it comes to TV and internet, it pays to plan ahead and make sure you have service for every step of your journey. Here’s how to ensure you’re prepared to tackle parenthood, especially in your new home.

Get the timing right

It’s important to organize internet installation so that you don’t end up at your new home without service. While anyone would need it for the usual work, bills, and connecting with friends and family, new parents are especially reliant on internet.

Consider all the important services you need to keep your new baby healthy and happy. From logging in to your baby monitoring app to being able to order diapers in a pinch, the internet is an essential tool for modern parenting. Even health checkups, which are increasingly being handled via the web and telehealth providers, may require functioning internet. For a new parent, every day is uncharted territory, so you’ll have a lot of questions that can sometimes be most quickly answered with a Google search. By calling your new internet provider a minimum of 12–14 days before the move, you’ll have a better chance of scheduling services for when you’ll need them.

Delegate responsibilities

As a new parent, you might just be getting the hang of things like feedings and nap schedules; it’s safe to say that you’re exhausted. If you find yourself in this situation during the process of moving with a newborn, consider delegating responsibilities. Designate one person — your partner, a family member, or trusted friend — to set up services like TV and internet.

That’s what Marie B. did when she moved from Southern California to Northern California with her husband and newborn. “I had so many sleepless night once our little one was born, but my husband Johnny took care all of the nitty gritty details,” she says. “When we moved into our new home, our Wi-Fi was all set up!”

Why planning matters

With so much of our online lives taking place on our phones, you may not place as much importance on having a traditional television or internet service installed when you arrive at your new home. While streaming with data may work in a pinch, it’s not always reliable. Take it from Arjun S. “I didn’t have Wi-Fi set up prior to move-in, and at the time, there was one online video that was the only thing that soothed our teething baby. Let’s just say we had a few more tantrums than usual at the beginning.”

From ensuring the baby’s doctor is in reach to having those YouTube baby songs on demand, it’s best not to leave this important moving detail to chance.

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