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Moving With a New Baby on the Way? Tips for Moving Your (and Your Baby’s) Things

Moving wouldn’t be that big of a deal if we didn’t all own so much stuff. New parents have even more of a challenge, as they’re tasked with organizing, packing, and staging all of their little ones’ belongings, too. How can parents prioritize material possessions when packing for a move – especially with a baby on the way? Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Consider your true square footage

Do you really need that blanket, book, or toy? Shopping for babies can be fun because everything is so tiny and cute! If you’re moving to make room for a new baby on the way, that doesn’t mean you’ll have room for everything. Remember, babies grow up fast, and will need new clothes, toys, books, and just about everything for every stage of their lives. So you’ll still have to get serious about prioritizing which items you need in your new home. Go through your existing pile of baby things, and ask these questions before you consider buying more:

  1. Does this have incredible sentimental value, or was it handed down as a family keepsake?
  2. Will we use this for a future child?
  3. Was this item ever practical, useful, or beautiful?
  4. Can we fit it into our new home?

Sometimes, deciding whether to keep or buy something depends solely on where you’ll put it. Even if you’re upgrading to a larger home, being realistic about your circumstances can help you be smarter about your choices.

Label everything

So, you’ve decided to keep this and not that. That’s a great start, but keeping it all organized (and separated) can be challenging. Even if you’re giving something away, label it carefully. You don’t want to end up putting your child’s Christening gown or first lock of hair in the thrift store pile. When you get everything in boxes and labeled, you’ll have a better idea of just how much room all of this stuff takes up. Many parents find that the organizing and labeling task actually helps them feel good about taking it all.

When you arrive at your new home, things can stay in boxes for a time, especially if it helps you stage the new room. Put each box into the room it goes in right away, even against the correct wall or in the space it will eventually occupy. This can be a powerful visualization tool as you put furniture in its place and decide what goes where.

Prepare to live outside the box

Sarah Byrne, a military wife, often moved when pregnant and raising small kids. Her strategy involved packing up almost everything and getting rid of only those items she was 100% confident she didn’t want. “You get another chance to toss or donate on the unpacking end,” she shares. She also suggests investing in a pack ‘n play before moving if you don’t already have one. “This allows you as much time as needed to pack and unpack the baby’s room without feeling rushed.”

Sarah admits that families who move with little kids learn to live without a lot of the baby stuff you think you need, especially in the first few weeks after the move, when most items may still be in boxes. Simplicity is key.

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