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Penske Truck Rental Guide

If you are planning a local or long-distance move, you need a reliable vehicle with adequate space to transport all your prized possessions to your new home. Renting a truck is a convenient way to move at only a fraction of the cost you could incur with professional movers.

Penske truck rentals provide both personal and commercial truck rentals for movers who prefer DIY relocations. This guide provides all the information you need about Penske truck rentals, including rental prices, discounts, options, and other crucial details to make your move as easy as possible.

What is a Penske truck rental?

Penske truck rental is an industry leader providing rentals for one-way, round trip local, and long-distance moves in any of their 2500 nationwide locations in the US. Penske offers a fleet of five truck sizes ranging from 12 to 26 feet. All their large trucks are equipped with ramps, making loading and unloading convenient. The larger trucks also come with towing components.

What makes a Penske truck rental stand out?

Several features make Penske truck rentals stand out from the competition. These include:

  • Great prices
  • An abundance of discounts
  • Commitments to green technology (Penske is a partner of EPA’s SmartWay Program to decrease its environmental impact)
  • No hidden mileage costs or turn-in fees
  • Free mileage for one-way rentals
  • 24/7 roadside assistance

Types of rental options

Penske offers five different rental options customized to suit each customer’s needs. These include:

High roof cargo van

Penske’s high-roof cargo van is the smallest available rental in their fleet. It weighs 3500 pounds and has a cargo capacity of 11 feet 11 inches long to provide approximately 404 cubic feet of loading space. It offers several unique features, including anti-lock brakes, power steering, and a rear and side cargo door. This rental is perfect for studio apartment movers.

12-foot truck

The 12-foot truck measures 12 feet long. It offers 450 cubic feet of loading space. Enough for one to two rooms or a one-bedroom apartment. The 3100 pounds truck has automatic transmission, translucent roof cargo tie rails, a rear roll-up door, and interior lighting.

16-foot truck

Penske’s 16-foot truck is ideal for one to two-bedroom apartment movers. It is a 16-foot-long truck and offers 800 cubic feet of loading space. Weighing approximately 4300 pounds, the truck features an automatic transmission, translucent roof, cargo tie rails, and a rear roll-up door.

22-foot truck

Penske’s 22-foot trucks can comfortably move three to five rooms, making it ideal for moving a one to three-bedroom home. The 22-foot-long truck weighs 4300 pounds and offers 1200 cubic feet of loading space. It comes with several special features, including a 1000-pound capacity loading ramp, towing compatible features, cargo tie rails, a rear roll-up door, automatic transmission, translucent roof, and interior lighting.

26-foot truck

If you are moving a five to seven-roomed home, consider Penske’s 26-foot truck. The truck measures 25 feet and 11 inches and offers 1700 cubic feet of loading space. It weighs 10,000 pounds, making it the heaviest truck in Penske’s fleet. Special features include a 1000-pound capacity loading ramp, towing compatible features, cargo tie rails, a rear roll-up door, automatic transmission, translucent roof, and interior lighting.

How much does it cost to rent a Penske truck?

Penske is one of the most affordable options for anyone looking for budget-friendly rentals. Penske rental truck prices range from about $130 to $1200 daily, depending on your move distance and truck size. The company offers unlimited mileage for one-way moves, which can help you save a lot of costs when moving out of state. However, their round-trip rentals cost $0.99/mile. Other related costs to expect include:

  • Sales tax
  • Dolly rentals cost $20 each
  • An environmental tax of $9
  • You may also need to purchase insurance if your insurance doesn’t cover the size or weight of your truck

Location and seasons may change your price, so it is advisable to shop around early. Typically it costs more to move during the May to September high season and on the weekends.

Penske discounts

Apart from fair pricing, Penske also offers several discounts:

  • Typically college students with a college ID get a 10% off rentals
  • All active and veteran military members get a 10% off rentals
  • AAA members get 12% off rentals
  • First-time customers also get varied discounts
  • You may also get a fuel promotion of $50 on one-way rentals

What type of insurance policy do I need for my Penske truck rental?

It is vital to obtain the right rental truck insurance to protect you from any move-associated risk. Before buying additional insurance, check with your home insurance and auto insurance to determine the level of protection they offer. The following are some of the insurance coverage options to consider:

  • Limited damage waiver (LDW): Limited damage waiver covers liability from loss or damage to the truck or towing equipment. It adds $400 to your rental quote.
  • Supplemental liability insurance (SLI): Supplement liability insurance will protect you and authorized drivers against claims made by a third party should you get into an accident in your Penske truck rental. It pays bodily injury and property damage of up to $1 million. SLI costs $29, and you must be 21 years of age to purchase it.
  • Cargo insurance (CAI): CAI covers damage to possessions in the truck due to natural disasters or accidents. It pays up to $15000 for damages. However, it doesn’t pay for items damaged while unloading and loading. CAI costs $5.
  • Personal accident insurance (PAI): PAI covers medical treatment for anyone injured or killed resulting from an accident in your Penske truck. However, to receive coverage, the passengers must be riding in the truck’s cab when the accident happens. PAI costs $4.
  • Towing insurance (TWI): TWI covers collision damage to the vehicle you are towing with your Penske rental. The collision should happen when loading or unloading the vehicle onto a carrier or when in transit.

How to reserve a Penske moving truck

If you need a Penske rental truck, you can reserve one using their online portal. The following are the steps to reserve a Penske moving truck:

  1. Visit Penske’s online reservation site
  2. Enter your location and moving date information
  3. Check for availability and get a quote
  4. Choose an appropriate truck option based on your moving needs
  5. A confirmation email with your final estimated price will be sent to you

Services offered by Penske truck rental

Penske truck rentals provide a range of services and supplies to make DIY moves convenient and affordable. These include:

  • 24/7 roadside assistance is included with every rental
  • Car carrier and tow dolly rentals
  • Several insurance options
  • Home depot partnerships with select Home Depot locations
  • Loading and unloading services for an additional fee
  • Packing supplies
  • Local one-way and round-trip truck rentals and long-distance one-way truck rentals
  • Several truck rental options
  • Self-storage

Factors to consider before renting a Penske truck

Before you rent a moving truck from any provider, it is advisable to research at least three different rental truck companies to ensure you are getting the best possible value for your money. 

The following are some of the factors to consider when renting a Penske truck:

Determine precisely what you need

The most important factor when choosing a moving truck is the size of the truck. It is crucial to hire a truck with appropriate space to move all your belongings. The following are the general guidelines for choosing the right size of moving truck:

  • A cargo van is appropriate for moving dorm rooms or a studio apartment
  • A 12-foot truck is ideal for moving a dorm room, studio apartment, or small one-bedroom apartment
  • A 16-foot truck is ideal for moving a larger one-bedroom apartment or small home
  • A 22-foot truck is ideal for moving a one to three-bedroom home
  • A 26-foot truck is ideal for moving a three to five-bedroom home

Consider extra features

Different companies offer diverse customized truck sizes and features to suit customer needs. Apart from pricing and standard sizes, determine the extra features that Penske offers for your type of move. These may include a loading ramp, towing compatible features, and cargo tie rails.

Pick the right date and time

Consider renting a truck during the low seasons and off-peak times to enjoy more competitive rates. Avoid renting a truck at the end of the month or on weekends as this is their busiest period. Also, consider renting a truck early to avoid last-minute rush and higher rates. Reserving a truck at least two weeks in advance guarantees better rates and more convenience.

Research moving truck rental costs

Each truck company has its own prices. The prices vary due to several factors, such as the truck’s size, duration of the move, and distance involved. If you are traveling long distances, expect to pay higher prices than when moving within the state. It is advisable to compare the prices of different rental truck companies to ensure you are getting a good deal.

Consider insurance coverage

Insurance coverage is required for both local and out-of-state moves. It is advisable that you get full coverage to guarantee adequate compensation for damages or losses in the event of an accident. Check with your car insurance to determine whether they will cover your rental truck. If not, consider purchasing additional insurance from Penske.

Inspect your moving truck

Inspecting your truck upon arrival is always advised. A faulty truck will not only make you spend more time along your route, but it may also result in added charges from the moving truck rental company. 

Determine whether you need a driver

You can choose to drive the truck or hire a driver. If you are driving the truck, go for one with comfortable seats. Also, determine whether you will need a commercial driving license to drive the truck. Before hitting the road, spend some time familiarizing yourself with the truck and all its elements. Adjust the seats and mirrors and make sure all components are working appropriately. More importantly, observe lane discipline and the speed limit to avoid hefty fines.

FAQs: Penske truck rentals

Can anyone rent a truck from Penske?

You must be 18 years of age to rent a Penske truck. You should also provide two forms of identification like a driver’s license, passport, state-issued ID, vehicle registration, credit card, military ID, or a phone bill.

Can I cancel the Penske truck rental?

Yes, you can cancel your truck rental at any time. If you cancel the reservation 48 hours after making one, you won’t be charged any cancellation fees. However, late cancellations result in a $100 fee.

Do you need a commercial driver’s license to rent a truck from Penske?

You don’t need a commercial driver’s license to rent smaller trucks from Penske. However, you need one when renting a 22- or 26-foot box truck with a gross vehicle weight rating above 26,000 pounds.

Does Penske offer trailer rentals?

No. Penske doesn’t offer trailer rentals. The company offers five different sizes of truck rentals.

How do I know the size of truck I need for my move?

You can use the Penske moving wizard tool to determine the size of moving truck you need for your move. It is crucial to figure out the exact size of the truck you need for your home to avoid overspending on a too-big truck or making multiple trips with a too-small truck.

Can I add days to my one-way truck rental?

Yes, it is possible to add days to your one-way truck rental. However, you will pay an extra $100 for each added day.

Move the easy way with Penske

Moving can be exhausting and stressful, but with the right moving truck from Penske, your long-distance move doesn’t have to be. Penske provides an easy reservation process, friendly service, and well-maintained vehicles. Besides, the company makes it easy to find the right size moving truck at a price you can afford so you don’t end up making multiple trips. At, we wish you an easy move with Penske truck rentals.

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