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How to Set Up Internet & TV Services in Your First Apartment

Setting up your TV and internet service is probably high on your to-do list when moving into your first apartment. But if you’ve never done it before, there are a few key things to keep in mind.

Timing is everything

First, you’ll definitely want to purchase your services 12 to 14 days before you move. If you wait too long, the company might have to send a technician out, and you might end up waiting for an appointment, like Liam F. from Massachusetts did.

“I waited too long to set my TV and internet up, and the company said they were only going to be able to come out five or six days after the move,” says Liam. “I called them and explained I needed the internet for work, and, thankfully, they were able to move the appointment up. However, they ended up coming on moving day, so it was pretty hectic trying to move in all my furniture and boxes while the tech was working in the house.”

What will you actually use?

There’s also the matter of selecting the best TV and internet plan for your needs. Many service providers offer discounts if you bundle internet, TV, and phone, but it’s important to consider whether you’ll actually use the services.

For instance, most new grads have cell phones that they use for everything, so there’s really no value in having a landline, too. Similarly, you may be able to forgo a cable plan if you already have a few streaming services. In general, it’s best to start with the lowest plan possible and upgrade or add on services later, if needed. This will help you save money and budget for other living expenses, such as utilities and rent.

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