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Where to Rent Moving Supplies

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Moving soon? Get organized with our free moving checklist.

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Finding a new home and exploring your new surroundings is an exhilarating feeling and can be the adventure of a lifetime. In fact, over 27 million Americans moved in 2021. 

Packing up your old place, well, that might be an issue. Before you can empty out those cupboards and pack them up, you need the right moving supplies to get you started. The best part is that you don’t even need to buy these supplies, as there are a number of companies that let you rent them. 

While you can get all your supplies from one supplier, it helps to know that you have individual options. For instance, you may only need to rent boxes and not all the other packing supplies. This guide will provide you with information on what moving supplies you may need and where to rent them.

Rent moving supplies from your moving company

Moving can be time-consuming and running around last-minute to find the right packing supplies might only add frustration. That’s why moving companies are well-versed in providing exactly what you need for your big move. 

When you decide to let the moving company do all the work, the cost of the packing usually includes the packing materials and boxes. If you opt to pack the boxes yourself, they will drop off the boxes or crates beforehand so packing can commence. You may order additional supplies through the moving company if you run out, but it’s worth comparing costs to see if you’re better off running into the local Home Depot instead for one-off items. 

If you’re simply hiring a trailer, check to see whether they offer packing supplies too. 

Companies such as U-Haul, Budget Truck Rental, and Penske offer moving supply rentals along with truck or trailer rental options. Some items might be included in the rental, or they might be at an additional cost. It’s best to request a quote and specify the items you may need for the move. It’s worth knowing that U-Haul allows you to rent items individually, whereas Budget Truck Rental includes all the items in one package. 

If you’re opting to go a route where you don’t need to hire a truck or trailer, or you have alternative means to transport your belongings, but still need packing supplies, it’s worth looking at them individually. 


There’s no need to dumpster-dive for boxes or buy boxes you may never need again. There are several companies that rent boxes to movers.

Packing crates

While cardboard boxes are great, they’re not entirely weatherproof and have a fairly low limit on the weight they can take. Companies such as Rentacrate, Boxie24, and U-Haul offer plastic crates that are easy to pack and stack, and offer a more robust approach to packing. Some offer a bundled service that includes delivering your crates to the new place. Most of these services also include the use of zip ties, labels, and dollies.

Rental for 4 days for around 40 boxes and 10 dollies to use in the same state, will cost around $250 with Rentacrate. If you add packing supplies such as bubble wrap, TV foam, mattress wraps, and tape, you can add another $100+ to the quote. 

U-haul rents out their Ready-To-Go boxes for around $1.50/box. 

Cardboard boxes 

If you’re looking for traditional cardboard boxes to rent, you might be disappointed as moving companies have started phasing out cardboard boxes in favor of plastic ones due to their durability. That said, if you’re willing to buy cardboard boxes, there are several retailers that still sell them outright, such as Walmart, Amazon, U-Haul, Home Depot, and Lowe’s. 

Before heading out to buy boxes, consider the following: 

  • Have a rough idea of the sizes of the items you need to box up.
  • Try to work out how many boxes you’ll need for each room, considering some rooms will need considerably more than others.
  • If you need a variety of sizes, check if the store sells sets that include cardboard boxes in different sizes.
  • Consider searching online forums like Facebook Marketplace to see if anyone is giving away boxes, or is willing to sell them at a reduced price.
  • Reach out to local charity stores to find out whether they have boxes to sell.

It’s worth noting that you can pick up a combo pack that includes 18 boxes, packing materials such as tape, and some bubble wrap for under $125. 

Carts and dollies

A dolly is a back saver as you can stack several boxes or crates on it and simply roll it to where you need it. Appliances and some furniture items are also far easier to move with dollies. If you opt to rent your crates, many companies throw in the use of dollies for free. 

When you’re renting a moving truck or trailer, they also tend to include the use of a dolly. Companies such as U-Haul, Gozova, and American Rentals have dollies available to hire. 

Home Depot has a number of moving equipment for hire, such as: 

  • Loading ramps start from $14 for 4 hours.
  • Jacks and lifts that start from $35 for 4 hours.
  • Appliance dollies start from $18 for 4 hours.
  • 4-wheel dollies will cost $7 for 4 hours.
  • Hand trucks start from $14 for 4 hours.

Moving blankets and pads 

Some items, such as appliances, furniture, and large decorative pieces can’t fit in boxes but risk getting damaged during a move. While plastic coverings might help, moving blankets and pads are more durable and can be reused. 

If you’re on the fence about whether moving blankets are a good idea, consider the following pros of buying or renting moving blankets: 

  • They’re durable and you can cover anything from appliances to furniture.
  • Softer furniture such as couches and mattresses run the risk of getting dirty or torn.
  • Hard furniture and appliances tend to get scratched and dented. The combination of moving pads and blankets goes a long way.
  • If you opt to use your own blankets and linen, they might get damaged and you might not have enough.
  • Moving blankets are also useful if you’re looking to protect floors from scratches and scuff marks.

Moving blankets have additional layers and some are padded, which makes them ideal for other uses such as picnic blankets and soundproofing. If you intend to move around a lot, these can be a good investment. A standard, 54-inch by 72-inch moving blanket starts from around $16 apiece. Some stores offer bulk sets that bring the cost down a little. If you have very sensitive items, opt for blankets that include padding. 

With companies such as U-Haul, you can rent furniture pads to cover your goods. Pricing starts from $5 for 6 68-inch by 85-inch pads. 

Packing material 

Packing material isn’t usually something you can rent, as it’s hard to salvage items such as tape, bubble wrap, and plastic coverings. However, these tend to form part of combo or package deals with moving companies. If you’re paying an additional cost for these items, it’s worth comparing the cost to just buying the items outright. 

Packing tape 

Packing crates tend to close with zip ties so packing tape may seem unnecessary. However, the tape is also used to secure your moving blankets and pads to furniture and appliances. Not all tape is made equal, and it’s worth knowing the differences before heading out to buy it: 

  • Tape comes in various widths, lengths, and thicknesses.
  • The elongation of the tape measures how far it stretches before it snaps.
  • Whether the tape has a backing material.

In terms of cost, you can get a 4-pack packaging tape with 4 refillable dispensers for under $30 on Amazon. 

Packing paper and bubble wrap 

You might have a preference for packing paper or bubble wrap, but those who have done it all before know it’s the combination of both that helps save your glass and dinnerware. For instance, if you’re packing a box filled with glasses, you can use packing paper to wrap individual items, and then use bubble wrap between each layer for that added support. 

You can also get the best of both worlds if you opt for cushioned packing paper. In terms of price, you’re looking at the following: 

  • 24-inch by 24-inch packing paper goes for around $24 for 200 sheets.
  • An 18-inch by 25-foot roll of paper cushion costs around $16.
  • 3/16-inch by 12-inch by 250-foot clear perforated bubble cushion wrap starts from around $40.


Can I rent moving supplies even if I don’t rent the moving trailer from a moving company? 

There are companies that don’t allow separate renting of moving supplies if you don’t hire a trailer from them. Keep an eye out for companies such as Home Depot that allow individual rentals. 

Can I rent cardboard boxes? 

It will be hard to find a company that will rent out cardboard boxes as they get damaged very easily. Plastic crates are becoming increasingly popular as they’re reusable and durable. 

Moving soon? Get organized with our free moving checklist.

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