Atlanta Ranks No.3 Most Moved-To City in 2018

Americans are joining Tyler Perry and Elton John in the migration to Atlanta, where the music scene is thriving and the beer game is strong. That’s not all this southern city has to offer, however. Atlanta ranks as one of the top three cities for movers this year, according to Updater’s 2018 Moving Trends Report, thanks to its thriving economy and low unemployment rate. Tech companies are moving in and stimulating a new wave of career opportunities for Atlanta locals. Their presence has helped the unemployment rate stay below the national average, at 3.4%, and attracts a steady flux of young professionals from across the country.

The population of Atlanta’s metro area has grown 1.7% in the past year, bringing it close to 4.6 million. The median home value is $234,249 and the average household income is around $63,000.

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