Atlanta’s Culture and Affordability is a Magnet for Movers

Atlanta’s metro area has been nicknamed the capital of the South. But to movers in 2017, Atlanta is known simply as home. Atlanta’s unique mix of downtown nightlife, quiet suburbs, great food, and thriving arts scene (minus the big-city cost) is why Atlanta ranked as number five on Updater’s list of most popular moving destinations for 2017 — which ranks the top 15 most moved-to destinations in America.

These aggregated moving trends were determined by programmatically analyzing 1,000,0000 anonymous household moves that took place between Jan. 1 and Oct. 1, 2017.

As a central point between major cities in the South, Atlanta is also home to the world’s busiest airport. While many residents use this resource as a means for recreational and business travel, being a travel hub also opens Atlanta to the arts and culture of the world. For example, Atlanta’s food scene is growing at pace with the biggest food cities in the nation, not to mention its burgeoning underground restaurant scene that’s spread throughout the city and suburbs. The city also boasts a thriving farmers’ market scene.

Atlanta is also a city of distinct neighborhoods, each with a unique draw for people looking to settle down. From the city center with its major attractions like the Georgia Aquarium and its local claim to fame World of Coca-Cola, to the upscale shopping in Buckhead, there’s something for everyone.

Director of Marketing & Innovation of Mark Spain Real Estate, Joe Garcia, thinks Atlanta is one of America’s top moving destinations for a variety of reasons:

Affordable housing and a great real estate market for starters. We have a booming jobs market, especially in real estate, finance, tech, and a thriving start-up community. We’ve been nicknamed the Silicon Valley of the South. Georgia also has great schools. Eight of the top 10 high schools in the state of Georgia are in the northern suburbs where a lot of the population calls home. Finally, there is convenience to any domestic or international location via Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. These factors combined make Atlanta one of the best places in the U.S. to call home.

In addition to a strong jobs market in Atlanta, the the housing market is also considerably strong. In Atlanta there is a median home price of 232K and an average household income of almost 63K, keeping Atlanta’s housing market competitive with cities twice its size.

Here are a few more stats for why Atlanta is one the top moving destinations in the nation.

Atlanta boasts:

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