City of Brotherly Love Slides in as 8th Most Moved-To City

As the second largest city on the East Coast, and more affordable than its sibling city of NYC, the Philadelphia metro area slid in as one of the most moved-to destinations in the nation for 2017. According to Updater’s annual moving destinations report that ranks the top 15 most moved-to destinations in the U.S., Philly is the 8th most moved-to area nationally.

These aggregated moving trends were determined by analyzing 1,000,0000 anonymous household moves, that took place between Jan. 1 and Oct. 1, 2017.

With lower housing costs than both neighboring D.C. and NYC, an abundance of green space, and a robust transit system, it’s no wonder that Philly is one of the hottest places on the East Coast to call home.

Here’s what Updater’s Director of Microservices Engineering, Blue Thomas, had to say about the City of Brotherly Love:

A cheesesteak isn’t authentic unless it’s sitting on a roll from Amoroso’s Bakery — don’t let anyone tell you different. Philly is the undisputed sandwich capital of the country and boasts an incredible food scene beyond. It’s an extremely walkable city if you live near the center, with access to an endless number of music venues, jazz clubs, historical sites, and incredible museums — large and small. It’s a city for food lovers, beachgoers, sports fans and musicians alike, and epitomizes everything that makes the East Coast the Best Coast.

Philadelphia has a population of over 6 million people, with a median home price of $201,000 and an average household income of just over $65K.

Here are a few more stats for why Philadelphia is one the top moving destinations in the nation.

The Philadelphia metro area boasts:

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