Dallas Ranks No.2 Most Moved-To City in 2018

People are traveling to Dallas to see more than its award-winning skyline. It comes as no surprise to many Texans that Dallas ranks as the second most moved-to city in 2018, according to Updater’s 2018 Moving Trends Report. Dallas’s diverse neighborhoods, friendly locals, and impressive food scene (bursting with over 13,000 restaurants) are a warm welcome to the near 300 people moving there each day.

Dallas has a vast history with such characters as Bonnie and Clyde and Doc Holliday taking on starring roles. The city has grown immensely over the years and now attracts movers from across the country. Many are drawn to the affordability, lack of state and local income taxes, and the growing job market. Unemployment falls below the national average, hovering at 3.4%, and the majority of jobs are in energy.

This booming city is the seventh most populated metropolitan area in the U.S. with a population of almost 7.4 million. The median home value is $198,400 and the median household income is $47,243.

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