How to Get Hired at a Startup

It’s as easy to stand out in the startup job market as it is to fall short. In a recent article for New York Tech Day, our Marketing Director, Jenna Weinerman, outlines several simple ways to land a job at a startup.

Jenna’s number one tip? Prepare for the interview!

As simple as it sounds, interview preparation can be the difference between getting the job and getting rejected, regardless of your qualifications. To really stand out, first submit a resume that emphasizes your qualifications for the position, not unrelated information that makes you seem interesting. The window to sell yourself to the interviewer is a short one, so front-load a pitch ahead of time that effectively and succinctly proves you would be an asset to the team. 

Step number two? Show that you can hustle!

While startups typically provide fun working environments, they also operate with limited time and resources, making it imperative that each new hire is ambitious and driven.