Meet Our Interns: Naomi Ruele, Marketing and Events Intern

Meet Naomi Ruele – Marketing and Events Intern at Updater. Originally from Botswana, this worldly swimmer attended college in the U.S. at Florida International University where she received degrees in English and Communication. During her time at FIU, Naomi also participated on the school’s elite swimming team – oh, did we forget to mention that Naomi is an Olympic swimmer? Between her contributions in and out of the workplace, it’s easy to see how this hardworking, bright individual made an outstanding addition to the team at Updater. We chatted with Naomi about her time with the company, what made her internship experience stand out, and more. 

What’s your school and major? 

Florida International University. Bachelor’s degrees in Communication and English – Language and Literature.

Where are you from?


What is your internship role? 

Marketing and Events Intern, Summer 2018

Walk us through the internship application process for you. 

I applied for the content marketing internship position and was ecstatic when I received a phone screen. Through my qualifications, I was moved over to the Marketing and Events Intern job pool and went through the interview process for that. Once I got the position I was excited, as one would be but I had no idea that I was walking into one of the best internship programs around.

Tell us about how you spent your summer. 

This summer I moved to New York City for an internship. It sounds fairly simple. People do it all the time. Little did I know it was going to be the best work experience I ever had. While I’m not sure what my future holds, I know that whatever I pursue next will have to be beyond amazing to top my internship with Updater. 

How is this different from other internships?

Everyone at Updater shares a common goal and all of them put forth their best foot to support that goal. Sure, the group excursions and beer on tap are great, but what stood out most for me was the team atmosphere that they create for each other (plus there are DOGS). The lifelong friendships that have bloomed from the workplace. The constant reassurance and proof that what I was contributing was worth the amount of time I spent working on it, that I was making an impact.

Describe the internship program at Updater. 

This internship program is rigorous. I got coffee once (VOLUNTARILY), but other than that I did real, Croosh2Biz work. Through this internship, I developed not only work-related skills but rare life skills. I learned something from everyone I worked with – skills and traits that have shaped me into a more well-rounded person. The Updater office is filled with skilled, talented and determined people who have such a strong desire to perfect their craft for this company that has given them more than just a job. The best part about that is that they all share! They are always willing to help each other improve, not only as managers, engineers, and designers but also as people. 

Any honorable mentions?  

To Jenna Weinerman, your tenacity inspires me so much. Amanda Fischer, I could not have asked for a better manager. Thank you for teaching me so much about marketing I could speak about it for hours. To Sara Sugar, thank you for teaching me more about SEO than my brain could retain. Emily Hassett, thank you so much for helping me become the best Marketing and Events Intern I could ever be. To the intern class of Summer 2018, Haley, Liz and Kelly, I could not have asked for a better group of girls to spend summer with. Thanks for the laughs, the memes, the happy hour dates and for sharing your knowledge with me. To the rest of my Updater fam (special mention to Y2K, Ariana, and Tom), I could go on and on about what I am grateful for from each of you but this post would become a novel so I will just leave it at: Thank you all. Never goodbye, always see ya later.