Meet Updater: Brian Chen, Backend Engineer

Meet Brian Chen, Backend Engineer. When he’s not working hard to streamline the moving process for Americans,  Brian can fall asleep just about anywhere. Read on to learn more about why Brian loves working at Updater and to hear some of his best hard-earned moving advice.

Where did you grow up?

Taipei, Taiwan.

How many times have you moved?


Do you have a moving horror story?

I had to drive a 20’ U-Haul truck while navigating an unfamiliar neighborhood in Queens. There were lots of narrow turns, and I ended up getting a few dents from another truck that was parked on a corner. Overall, it was a super stressful situation!

What are two personal tidbits about you?

  1. I will fall asleep under pretty much any circumstance.

  2. I’m actually not so fond of sleeping.

What’s the best part about working on a small team?

Working on a small team means I have the opportunity to get to know people better. Ultimately, this allows us to more effectively cooperate. It also means that my teammates and I have a ton of chances to work closely on projects and establish an even better context for future projects.

What’s the most interesting thing you have on your desk at the moment?

A planter made out of a broken Not Safe for Work (NSFW) mug, which used to belong to Leon.

What’s your favorite place you’ve traveled?

New Zealand.

You’re about to move. What would you make sure to never do again?

Waiting to have internet installed until the day of my move. During my last move, I had to live without internet for two months because cable was not set up correctly by my landlord. It was torture.

If you could only listen to one song for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Recently it’s been Changes by Black Sabbath.