Meet Our Interns: Chris Reyes, Design Intern

Chris Reyes

Meet Chris, a former Updater Design Intern from Merrick, New York. He’s a senior in college who loves puzzles and coming up with unique ways to solve them. We asked him about what he learned from his experience with Updater and any advice he had for future interns.

What’s your school and major?

I’m a Rising Senior (Class of 2020) at Carnegie Mellon University, School of Design. I’m studying for a Bachelor’s of Design focused in Communications with a minor in Human-Computer Interaction.

What do you think is the most interesting thing about you?

I’m really into puzzles of all kinds! I compete in Puzzlehunts as part of a team at school and they always call for some really unconventional approaches—it’s fun to pick apart not only the puzzle at hand but the creator’s intent as well.

How is this different from other internships?

Being part of a small team at Updater allowed me to get my hands on a wide variety of projects. It’s definitely satisfying to feel that my work as an intern has a genuine and tangible impact.

What will you miss most about Updater?

Everyone I’ve gotten to work with! The people at Updater are really excited about the work they do and it’s been so much fun to work alongside them. But also? All the dogs. Gonna miss the dogs.

What is your advice for future Updater interns?

Ask questions! Learn how to learn! It sounds silly, but everyone has some kind of expertise you can gain some insight from. Understanding how the people around you work can help you make their job easier. Also, it’s kinda cool to see other people do.

What is the best thing about interning at Updater?

Updater’s constantly growing and changing so being able to see both the company’s plans for the future and how the work you’re doing impacts that is really exciting. Everyone’s always testing, willing to try new things, and genuinely invested in your own experiments.

What is the most important thing you learned all summer? Can be work-related or not.

Definitely the importance of experimenting and making data-informed decisions. The design process is an iterative one and it was cool to see that same approach throughout Updater. Trying something out, seeing what insights can be gained from it, and continuing to explore and learn is super important. My time at Updater definitely helped to confirm that.

Last but not least, what is your favorite Updater memory?

Updater’s birthday! That was really the first time I got to meet the rest of the team and everyone was incredibly welcoming.