Meet Updater: Kasee Godwin, Senior Marketing Manager

Kasee Godwin, Marketing, Updater

Please say hello to Kasee Godwin, our marketing lead for all things multifamily. 

Kasee joined the Updater team in June of 2021 and is based in Atlanta. She is a big bookworm and loves to talk all things sci-fi and fantasy with anyone who will listen. No… seriously… don’t get her started on Lord of the Rings unless you have cleared your calendar. She fosters Golden/Labrador Retrievers, is an avid Atlanta sports fan, and is still very proud that she was the first-chair clarinetist in the 8th grade.  

Q: Tell us about your experience prior to coming to Updater

A: I got my start in the industry with AMLI Residential and could not have picked a better organization to teach me the operational foundations of property management. After AMLI, I joined Alliance Residential as a Marketing Director, overseeing all new assets in the Southeast. With Alliance, I got the opportunity to work in marketing strategy, development, PR, asset management, branding, and design.

I have been in multifamily for over a decade now, and would not have it any other way- it is such a unique and intricate industry- I feel truly blessed to have landed here!  

Q: What is your best piece of moving advice?

A: There comes an age where trading free pizza and beer for moving help is just not worth it!  Don’t be scared to hire a moving company: your back will thank you for it later. 

Q: What feature/ piece of tech are you most excited about at Updater?

A: The updated experience for multifamily partners has me very excited.  As my background is focused on lease-ups, I am no stranger to the chaos that is moving season. Saturdays, especially, were completely insane!  A typical Saturday could include 10-15 prospect tours, 5-6 move-ins, and with a staff of 2. Those were the kinds of days where you ate lunch at 4 pm.  And it was incredibly frustrating when, in the middle of that chaos, a resident would show up completely unprepared for move-in day. Miscommunication, disorganization, whatever the reason- it always felt like something that didn’t HAVE to happen.  

Updater completely automates and simplifies this process- I wish we had this when I worked onsite! So I am really looking forward to bring a product to my multifamily family that helps make their lives easier.  

Q: What is your favorite thing about working at Updater? 

A: The collaboration!  I love being able to work with the product team to build tools and features for partners, the client success team to ensure our partners are happy with our products and service, and, of course, the rest of the marketing team!  

Q: What do you see as the biggest problem facing the multifamily industry?

A: Not a problem, per se, but a trend. I think the pandemic changed our multifamily permanently.  In many ways, it gave us, as an industry, the opportunity to re-examine why we do things and if they make sense.  Creating operational efficiencies for onsite teams will continue to be a project that the industry focuses on. 

Q: What are your professional superpowers?

A: As a child, I would often take my toys apart because I was curious to learn how they work. That curiosity still exists and manifests itself in my professional life- I love creating operations flows and am constantly looking for ways to optimize and streamline processes. Oh and I genuinely enjoy working with other people! Not so much a superpower, but I do love connecting with my co-workers and collaborating. Collaboration, communication, and organization: three of my greatest strengths.