Meet Updater: Michael Negron, Success Manager

We’re thrilled to introduce you to Michael Negron, our newest Success Manager! Around these parts, he’s known as Y2K. To introduce you to Michael, we asked him the story behind his nickname and about the good luck charm he brings with him everywhere.

What’s the story behind your nickname?

While I prefer to be called Michael, I’m known to answer to a few different Y2K nicknames. Let me explain. In the seventh grade, I was a member of a breakdancing troupe. We decided to write our performing names on an official team t-shirt and I chose the name Y2K because my moves were unpredictable. I told this story to my team and they haven’t let me forget it. I’ve been slowly changing all of my account names to match. 

Do you have a moving horror story?

I once put all of my belongings into trash bags and then into a two-door hatchback Volkswagen GTi. Long story short, the bags ripped, stuff broke, it rained a lot, and I was super annoyed.     

What’s your best piece of moving advice?

I have two. Throw out your junk and use Updater. Otherwise just stay where you are, you’re doing it wrong.

What’s your favorite thing about working at Updater?

It’s cliché, but we really do subscribe to the ‘work hard, play hard’ mentality at Updater. I’ve also learned A LOT about making eggs in the microwave.    

What’s your favorite Updater feature? Why?

I’m a huge fan of our moving concierge step. It really cuts through the ‘analysis-paralysis’ factor of figuring out which provider is best for you and it does it fast.     

What’s the best part about working on a small team?

Your team quickly becomes your second family, and the work you do matters a ton. I don’t feel like just a cog within the machine.

It’s the zombie apocalypse. Where do you hide?

I’ve seen enough movies and played enough video games to know that hiding doesn’t work in a zombie apocalypse, so forget that. I’ll be on my stoop in Queens with a machine gun if you need me.         

What’s your favorite quote?

“If you’re walkin’ on ice, you might as well dance.”
-Joey ‘CoCo’ Diaz

What’s your favorite fast food restaurant?

Shake Shack, if that’s fast food. Taco Bell, if it’s not.                         

Where did you grow up?

Still working on that, but all over Queens, NY.        

What are two personal tidbits about you?

I carry my good-luck charm — a 6″ Gizmo figurine — everywhere. I’m also cross-dominant. Get your head out of the gutter, cross-dominance refers to motor skills!

As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A professional skateboarder, then a lawyer. Oh, and then a rapper. I’d say all of those plans are going swimmingly.