Meet Updater: Vicky Payne, Senior Software Engineer

Vicky Payne, Engineering, Updater

Meet Vicky Payne, a senior software engineer at Updater. A dog lover and takeout connoisseur, she’s a UI developer with a passion for designing and implementing streamlined user interfaces that bridge well with backend technologies. When not applying her creative spirit to UI design, you can find her riding the BART into San Francisco or searching for the best slice of pie in New York City.

Q: Where are you currently based?

A: Daly City, California, just outside of San Francisco.

Q: How many times have you moved?

A: In my lifetime, I would say at least 20 moves.

Q: What part of your home do you like to set up first after a move?

A: That would definitely be the kitchen. I love being able to make a cup of coffee and cook up a nice meal. Having the kitchen set up makes it feel like a home.

Q: What’s the first thing you try to find in your new community after a move?

A: I explore local surroundings: check out the neighborhood cafes, look for urban places to walk and outdoor places to hike.

Q: How do you relax after a move?

A: Just hang out at home. Hopefully, my TV and Internet is hooked up so I can watch a movie order some takeout. My favorite takeout depends on the local scene. In Seattle, it may be sushi. If I’m in New York, it’s a slice of pizza.

Q: Why’d you decide to make the professional move to Updater?

A: I enjoyed the interview process. I found it to be extremely relevant: They provided me with a real-world project, so I got to experience what it is like to work at Updater. It gave me a view into what they value.

Q: What’s your role at Updater, and what does an average day look like for you?

A: As a software engineer, my general efforts are in the architecture and buildout of software solutions to facilitate the moving process, with a focus on the user interface and frontend technologies. We’re working hard to understand the needs of our users and incorporate a balanced set of product features. A typical day may include a couple of meetings such as project planning sessions, then technology meetings called “Lightning Talks” or our “Frontend Guild” where we set aside time to discuss and learn new technologies and share relevant group topics.

The rest of the day may be spent focusing on a specific engineering task or collaborating one-on-one with a team member.

Q: What is your favorite Updater perk or benefit?

A: That would definitely be working from home. This policy allows them to leverage diverse talent from around the country. They also provide an environment where we can feel truly connected and work creatively while enjoying the comforts of home and saving ourselves from a terrible commute.

Q: Why should someone join your team at Updater?

A: I feel like I’ve been so welcomed by my peers. I’m learning something new every day. With onboarding, they put in the effort to help guide me, so I can hit the ground running. It’s just a fun bunch of people from diverse backgrounds with different talents, which keeps it fresh and interesting. There is ample opportunity for individual impact in the creative design process and for influencing the various ways we work.

Q: What motivates you to flip open your laptop every day?

A: We usually have a meeting to start off the day, and the people I work with have really good synergy all around. We motivate each other daily to accomplish personal and team goals. Add in the fact that the work is creative, thoughtful and and challenging – it becomes personally fulfilling.

Q: Of all the parts of moving that Updater helps solve, which do you think is the most helpful?

A: It’s hard to pick just one feature, so I would say the totality of services that Updater offers. I think of moving as such an overwhelming experience, so it’s awesome when you can manage the planning and coordination ahead of time with a single phone app. Then, you truly have time to be excited about the move.