November at Updater: Busier than Santa’s Elves

With the holidays in full swing, Updater is officially busier than usual! That’s right, the end of the year doesn’t mean we slow down. This year, in particular, the pace has quickened — if you can believe it. But, when you love what you do and do what you love, that’s totally ok. As we prepare to slide into the final month of the year, here are a few excitements, musings, and attention grabbers from November. 

Built In Brews

The only thing we love more than a party is a party that brings the NYC tech community together. That’s exactly how we kicked off this past month — hosting Built In Brews at Updater HQ. If you’re not familiar with BIB, it’s a monthly startup happy hour hosted by a new high-growth tech company every month. We’d like to extend a huge thank you to the entire Built In NYC crew, the brains behind the monthly series. Built In NYC is a valuable platform that brings together the tech community, hosts events, provides news, and matches quality candidates with the jobs of their dreams. Check out Upater’s Built In NYC profile.

Australia’s Consul-General visited us!

Alastair Walton, Australia’s Consul-General, stopped by Updater to chat with us about his experiences with innovation in business, the technology sector in Australia, our unique Australian IPO, and his thoughts on traveling (and moving) throughout the world. Spoiler: It doesn’t matter how many times you move he says, it never gets easier. He sees Updater not as a disruptor, but as a company that is providing a much-needed service to solve a very painful process. We couldn’t agree more! A big thank you to Mr. Walton for taking time out of his busy schedule to meet with us – we thanked him with cupcakes!


This month, we also kicked off our annual Updater Podsgiving Food Drive. We’ve teamed up with Move For Hunger to compete against our fellow co-workers (based on the pods where we sit) to see who can collect the most non-perishable food for the holiday season. All items will be donated to St. John’s Bread and Life in Brooklyn, New York.

Our friendly competition runs until Dec. 8, so stay tuned to see which pod comes out on top and how much food the entire team was able to collect. Last year, we collected 1,000 pounds of food with only 30 employees. This year, there are 75 of us participating, so we’re aiming high! Built In NYC was also kind enough to give us a shout out, along with a few other NYC tech startups that are getting into the holiday giving spirit.

Exciting executive hires

Every new addition to our team is exciting, but this month we’re extra pumped about two new members of our executive team! We’re extending a warm welcome to Zack Shalvarjian, our first-ever VP of Data, and Chad Horenfeldt, our first-ever VP of Client Success. Zack was previously the Director of Analytics and Operations at Heroku, while Chad comes to us from Bluecore as their former VP of Customer Success. We’re thrill to have them on board!

Updater Cheese (Tasting)

The only thing better for a marketing team than having a dedicated and talented Content Marketing Intern is having one that just happens to also be a cheesemonger! Oh, and did we mention that said intern also leads amazing cheese tastings? 

We’re thrilled that Ben gave up cheese to come intern at Updater, but we’re even more thrilled that at our last happy hour he brushed off his cheesemonger boots (Do they wear boots?) and walked us through a tasting of a few of his favorite cheeses. Thanks, Ben! Grilled cheese anyone?

Milestone Photos

Every month at Updater produces a plethora of engaging photos, but this month seemed a bit heavier on the Kodak. Below are a few of our favorites from the month. Enjoy!

We’ll kick off our “Milestone of Photos” with a photo our Head of User Experience, Miles Begin. We know. We know. But we just couldn’t help ourselves! This past month, Miles spoke at the NY Product Conference 2017. He spoke about the unique challenges of building products for the real world. Way to go Miles!

Image credit: Product Management Insider

Next up are a few shots from Updater Success Manager, Patrick Quintavalle’s trip to Houston. It was a busy visit! He attended the Greystar Houston Supplier Expo, visited Updater partners, and sat in on Greystar’s Regional Property Manager meeting. 

Last, but not least, we have a few great snapshots of our MoveHQ teammates sporting their snazzy new MoveHQ t-shirts. What can we say? No matter where in the U.S. we’re located, we’re stylin’.

Stay tuned for a special Year in the Life of Updater recap next month, where we’ll cover the best of the best moments of 2017. You can also check out last year’s and see how far we’ve come! Until then, stay connected with us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook.