Ricki Halpern, Updater’s People Experience Coordinator, Named OfficeBoss!

Company culture doesn’t materialize overnight. It takes tenacity, creativity, and more than a little old-fashioned elbow grease.

From the design of our office space to company events, to the everyday perks of cold brew and an amazingly supportive team, we know an exceptional company culture doesn’t grow on trees. We’re proud of the company culture that Updater has built and grateful to our remarkable People Team that makes it all happen.

With the close of Office Manager Appreciation Week, we are incredibly proud to announce that Ricki Halpern, Updater’s People Experience Coordinator, was named #1 OfficeBoss in the country! OfficeBoss, a friendly competition sponsored by Managed by Q, recognizes and celebrates the accomplishments and hard work of office managers, coordinators, and those that make the impossible, possible.

From team lunches to conference room bookings, an OfficeBoss ensures everyone in the office has what they need to focus on their work, making the office a better place to come to every day. Ultimately, they are the ones that keep the whole company running!

— Sarah Quirk, Director of Marketing, Managed by Q

It was tough competition with talented folks from amazing companies such as Movable Ink, Hawke Media, and Lever. Ricki, you are rock star! Congratulations on being named #1, and thank you for all your hard work.