Updater at Opticon: How to Overcome Challenges and Triple Experiment Velocity

Updater’s very own Dan Storms (VP of Product) and Chris Byington (Director of Analytics) recently spoke at Opticon, a conference presented by experience optimization platform Optimizely. The event, which took place in San Francisco from September 11-13, provides companies with the opportunity to learn how to accelerate performance and push the boundaries of experimentation and personalization.

Harnessing the power of data and experimentation is central to Updater’s goal of revolutionizing the moving industry. However, while scaling our experimentation program, we had to overcome the challenge that many of our conversions happen offline or on third-party sites and therefore couldn’t be used in testing. 

In Dan and Chris’ Opticon session titled, “Triple your Experiment Velocity by Integrating Optimizely with Your Data Warehouse,” the duo explained how they fixed this blind spot in their funnels, tripled experiment velocity, and discovered deep user insights by integrating their experimentation platform and data warehouse. 

The full presentation is available below. Enjoy!